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How Drawing Your Dreams Can Change Your Life

In my last blog, I shared with you that I made a discovery that helped me move from running on empty to stress free and productive. I promised I would tell you more, so here we are!

At the time I had already tried “all the things.”

I had spent a decade studying leadership, psychology, and personal development. I knew what to do, yet I still struggled to cut through the noise and focus so I could make the right things happen.

Finally, when I discovered this secret superpower skill, all of the other pieces fit together, and I could finally achieve my goals in a distracting world.

This worked for me and my creative mind.

Would you like to know what my discovery was?

Of course you do–or else you wouldn’t be on my blog!

I love to share this story.

Here it goes.

Through an educated experiment…

I discovered…

the secret of visual thinking.

Or more simply put…

The secret of drawing your dreams–and even your goals.

Drawing your dreams is like creating a visual of your visualization.

And unlike most life-changing things, you CAN try this at home!

The first time I looked at a complex project and compared it with my sketch, I was shocked. I had trialed my experiment on a complex organization project in an overpacked garage on a Saturday with 3 kids 4 and under.

There were distractions galore!

And, I finished it.

The end result looked just like my picture!

Drawing your daily goals can help you double down your focus and get better results.* (*Results vary.)

Now, I didn’t become more disciplined, take medication, or have a coach beside me.

I simply engaged a different part of my brain by drawing…(and doing one or two other things I teach in my planners and courses.)

BUT, drawing my goals is the cornerstone.

This foundational change made all of the difference for me.

Prior to this experiment, I had read my favorite time management book five times, but now using visual thinking I could put what I knew into action in a way that worked for my unique mind.

And you can too!**

Engaging the visual thinking part of your creative mind can help you* to better clarity what matters most to you, to help you fight distraction, and to help you persevere to the end of complex tasks so you can achieve your goals

It’s a lot like visualization that professional athletes use; however, drawing your goals is like doubling down on visualization. It’s visualizing your vision by making a visual representation of it. : )

One of you told me, “No matter how busy my week is, whatever I draw on my Think Time gets done!”*

Some research suggests keeping your drawing in front of you can increase your ability to achieve your goals by up to 42%!

“No matter how busy my week is, whatever I draw on my Think Time gets done!”*

Laura, pediatrician and homeschooling mom of 4





Don’t worry. Be happy. Increase your chance of achieving your goals by drawing them.


Now, you may be thinking…

“That is too simple. You don’t understand my life. There is no way drawing my goals will help me. My struggle is real.”

I hear you. I don’t know your life, your struggles, nor your capacity. I only know what the research, my personal experience, and other Think Time users have told me.

After listening to you guys for 6 years telling me stories of overcoming obstacles to your dreams and goals using Think Time Planner…today I am more convinced than ever.

Think Time works.

Think Time works.

Think Time works.

Just this week, I heard how one of you completed writing an entire new curriculum for a Bible study. You know how hard crossing the finish line of a huge project is! The author (a homeschooling mom of four kids, including a 6 month old) said, “I finished my (huge) project because of Think Time Planner!”*

Think Time Planner is the first whole brain planner to help you engage drawing and creative thinking to boost your productivity.

I love hearing YOUR success stories when you dream-plan using the techniques I teach in my planners and courses.

In my next blog, I will share an important difference between us and “them” (the other people who encourage you to pursue your dreams.) According to the research, this technique can actually make the difference between success and failure. And, it is surprising. Keep your eyes open for your e-mail next Thursday. You won’t want to miss it.

Until then, be sure you are using your Think Time Planner this week to get clarity, find time, and get results, so your dreams and goals can happen…so you can do what only you can do and be who only you can be.

More than ever before, this world needs what you have to offer.



*All testimonials are taken to be true but are not verified in any way.

**Every person is different. Both natural ability and effort will vary, so results also will vary.


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