What’s The Bottom Line of Your Life?

So much thought and effort is put into determining the bottom line of corporations and organizations.


Each department has an allocated budget of resources, personnel, time, and money; and for best results, every department needs to be operating well.


Every effort and expenditure in the following year is directed by these bottom lines, and they are determined by a clear vision of where each department wants to go.


The same is true with your life.


Have you thought lately about the different areas of your life?

Have you taken time to create a clear vision of where you want to go?

Do you recognize that if one area is not operating well, all of the other areas of your life will be impacted?

What are the bottom lines for each area of your life? 

Do you have the tools that will help you create a realistic plan that will strategically get you there?

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Think Time Life-Coaching Planners include an exercise that prompts you to consider what you really want in eight key areas of your life: spiritual, health, money, work, personal, family, relationships, and service. 

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This exercise, called Think Zones, is included once per quarter and once per year to help you to really clarify what matters most to you in each of these areas.

Getting clear on what you really want is the first step toward defining your “bottom line” in each area of your life. 


The rest of the Think Time process helps you to create a strategic plan to get there.  


Your life certainly deserves as much time, attention, and intentionality as any organization.

Want to try the Think Zones exercise?  For a limited time, it is available as a one-page PDF download in our store.  Get it here.

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but cannot afford it?  A little think-time can change your life.





Think Time Life Coaching Planners


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Life is moving fast.  You are losing valuable time.  We have created an innovative process that helps you to dream bigger, get more time for what matters most, and become who you want to be.