What’s The Big Idea? On Thinking About Our Thinking.

It’s been a great week for me.  I have been doing some mini trainings here in Dallas as well as virtually with some online groups online.  It has been refreshing for me to think “big picture” about our message and distill it into simplicity for those who have never heard about Think Time.

What are some of our big picture thoughts?  Let’s start with a quote from Uncle Al!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same THINKING we used when we created them.”  — Albert Einstein

Take a moment and write or draw some of the successes you are experiencing and some of the problems you are facing in your life.


Some things are going well, and other things are not.  In the areas in which we are struggling or stuck, we need to develop new ways to think about things.  Then, we can get unstuck.

creativity ideas concept with light bulb on wooden texture background

Psychologist Henry Cloud notes that 90% of the thoughts we have today are the same thoughts we had yesterday.

While this has worked well for us in many areas in life, there are areas in life in which our old habits are no longer serving us.  Instead, they are actually hindering us.  When we rise above our thoughts and think about our thinking, new neural pathways begin to form and we can begin to get unstuck.

Neurons in the brain


This is the heart of what we are doing at Think Time.  We are practicing healthy thinking over and over again…sort of “trying on” the thinking patterns of top performers and wise people.  The more we practice these thinking patterns, over and over again, the stronger these new neural pathways will grow, and we can begin to get unstuck.

Christine M. Wilson, LPC
Co-Founder, Think Time



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