What is your YES?

As I write this, I am flying on a Southwest flight from Dallas to Atlanta.  The back of my cocktail napkin says, “In a world full of “NOs”, we are a plane full of “YES!”

These people are marketing geniuses!  They know every one of their passengers wants to hear “YES,” and they are soooo right!!

Isn’t “YES” what all of us really want to hear?


We are tired of roadblocks and barriers.  We want to set a course and move with all of our being toward a desired goal, and…

above all…

We don’t want to hear, “NO.”

While some might see this trait as stubborn or as a negative, I would like to suggest that this trait in each person is reflective of an important reality.  Each of us has an innate design to be in charge—to make important decisions that define our lives.

This design is reflected in our biology.  Deep inside our brains, we have a little area that specializes in freedom of choice.  It helps to regulate our motivation and drive.  When we feel freedom of choice this little part in our brain actually increases our motivation and drive, and as a result, we are more engaged in our own lives.

Conversely, when we feel we have no say in our lives, when we feel that no matter what we do the results will be the same, we can become more apathetic.

This week, I encourage you to take a moment to exercise your freedom of choice and identify some “yeses” that are important to you in your life.  To do this, use the following questions as #ponderprompts as you #taketimetothinktime.

Who do I want to be?  What are my big “YESes?”

What do I want to do?  What are by big “YESes?”


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Christine M. Wilson, LPC

Co-Founder Think Time


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