“Up” Your Internal Satisfaction. Start with Disappointment.

So often, we lay our heads on the pillows with a ton of to-dos left over and feeling really crummy about ourselves.

This is no way to live every day!

How can we turn this around?

To up your internal satisfaction with life, start with disappointment.

That’s right.

Disappoint yourself first thing in the morning when you tell yourself, “I am not going to get it all done today.”

This can be very difficult for many of us who want to “do it all” and don’t like to tell ourselves “no.”

It feels like a big bummer at first, but when we let it sink it, we know it is true.

We simply cannot get everything done we want to do.

The good part is, however, when we realize we will not get it all done, our minds start working to discover what absolutely must be done…

These items are often fewer than we imagine, and we can accomplish many of them if we don’t get sidetracked by the rest of what we want to do or feel we “have” to do.

To up your internal satisfaction with your life…

  1. Accept that you will not get it all done today.
  2. Identify what absolutely must be done.
  3. Do these important things first.

With these simple steps, when you lay our head on the pillow each night, you will know that you focused on what matters most.

And, that feels good.


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p.s. To discover what to do when “it all” really must get done, stay tuned for next week’s blog.


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