Two Ways to Help Yourself Relax

Relaxation is imperative for the rejuvenation of our bodies and our minds, yet sometimes it is hard to relax. 

At times these may be due to physical problems, emotional problems, or spiritual problems. If this is the case, please waste no time in talking to your doctor, counselor, or pastor.

At other times, however, it may be due to a simpler problem–the problem of over-commitment. When you have too many things scheduled, you may genuinely not have time to give your body the respite it needs so you can produce your best work.

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Here are two ways you can keep this from happening:

First, take time before you dive into each week to evaluate what “to dos” you are saying yes to. Even if you have the desire to build relaxation into your schedule, you may not because you feel is “in the right thing to do” to fulfill your commitments and obligations (which of course is true). This is why you want to be very careful to say “yes” to very few things.

Second, take time to evaluate how you can include relaxation into your daily and weekly routines.  You can brainstorm ideas on your “To Be Concept Cloud” and schedule them in your Dream Routine. You will be amazed at how much more effective, connected, and productive you will be when you intentionally plan time to relax and allow yourself to do so.

How do you best relax?

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p.s. Don’t let the busyness of life steal your chance for relaxing rejuvenation anymore. You deserve it, and you will get your best results when you do! Use your Think Time Planner to build rejuvenating routines into your daily life.

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