Three Ways to Get More Energy

Do you struggle with chronic fatigue?  If you are like many entrepreneurs with ADHD, you are answering “yes.”  Well, the last thing you want when you find the TIME to achieve a goal is to lack the energy to accomplish it. You are literally leaving money on the table until you can learn to harness your best energy toward your goals.

So, how can you structure your life to raise the chances that you will have the energy you need when you need it?

Here are three things you can do with your Think Time Planner to better manage your energy so you can achieve your dreams and goals.

  1. Brainstorm ways to rejuvenate.  

Instead of having only “to dos,” your Think Time Planner also includes an area also for “to bes.”  Use the To Be Concept Cloud to brainstorm ways you can rejuvenate your energy this week.  This means including time for rejuvenating relationships, recreation, and relaxation. When you are including activities in your schedule that build into you, then you will have a stronger energy reserve to offer your dreams and goals.

2. Develop healthy routines and habits.  

As a person with ADHD, you may cringe at the suggestion of a routine.  I get it.  I hate routines too.  But, I have learned their power and use them as often as I can to help me advance my dreams and goals. Professional organizer, Julie Morgenstern well said, “If it is not in your routine, it is not in your life.” So, to help your energy levels, build sacred sleep routines, exercise routines, and healthy eating habits. You can use the Routine Worksheet and the Habit Tracker in your Think Time Planner to help you to create routines that will support your energy management goals. 

3. Celebrate your wins.  

So often, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all that “has to be done” that you just keep plunging into the next thing. Looking forward, it’s overwhelming and de-energizing to see the “tyrannical to do list” that is constantly taunting you. To develop a brighter outlook and increase your energy toward your dreams and goals, regularly practice gratitude for what you have been able to accomplish.  Each week, use the Review Phase of your Think Time Planner to check off what you did accomplish and celebrate what went well. You are probably doing better than you think, and you deserve to know it!

Energy management is an incredibly important skill for entrepreneurs with ADHD.  Don’t leave money on the table anymore—simply because you don’t have the energy to follow through on your goal.  Apply these three tips  regularly with your Think Time Planner to help you make the most of your days so you can live on purpose and achieve your goals in a distracting world.

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