The One Thing Entrepreneurs with ADHD Need to Succeed

You have a powerful brain, but you have a problem.

It’s hard to control your mind.

Yet, this is exactly what you need to succeed.

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Dr. Edward Hallowell is a world renown expert in the ADHD brain, and he loves working with entrepreneurs. After decades of working with entrepreneurs with ADHD, he notes there is one mistake that entrepreneurs with ADHD make that keep them from being successful.

The ADHD mind is so powerful and has tons of energy. The difficulty, he notes, is in directing the energy.

Dr. Hallowell says it is like having a Ferrarri engine with bicycle brakes. You have so much power–as much as an engine in a Ferrarri, but the design of your brain is not geared to slow yourself down so you can control the energy in the most effective path.

Your mind is like a Ferrari engine with bicycle brakes.

Dr. Ned Hallowell

As a psychiatrist and expert in ADHD, Dr. Hallowell refers to himself as a “brakes specialist.”

As an entrepreneur with ADHD, you have an important task in front of you every day, and you need your creative and powerful mind to accomplish it. However, the brakes of your mind are insufficient to control the power.

This may translate to you being on too many social media platforms, diving in without a business plan or strategy or being off to the next thing while accounts still need to be paid.

Dr. Hallowell says that the one things entrepreneurs with ADHD must do to succeed is to direct their energy.

Direct your energy.

Dr. Edward Hallowell

To have success in your business, be sure you have a strategy to direct your energy.

This is what I mean when I say “don’t just dive in…take time to think-time, and get more time to focus on what matters most.”

When you take time to think-time with your Think Time Planner, you intentionally direct your energy. That is, you choose to use your best energy–not in a million directions–but toward what is most important.

Getting the most important things done is what drives results.

So, to skyrocket your results as an entrepreneur with ADHD, take time to think-time with your Think Time Planner. Just one hour a week can dramatically transform the other 168 hours.

Because Think Time Planner is designed with your brain in mind, it helps you have an outlet for your creative energy while getting the clarity you need to succeed.

Don’t let your powerful mind control you.

Instead direct your energy by using your Think Time Planner this week so you can find time for what is most important and get your best results.

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