“That’s When The Kids Came.” On Repurposing Our Goals.

Life is not all about achieving our goals.

It’s about living our lives.

Sometimes we set aside our goals for a time to live more fully focused on what matters more.  In other words, we repurpose our goals…we shift our focus.

I was recently talking with a friend who adopted a sibling set of three a few years ago.  She was describing their move to the city and all of the renovations she and her husband completed on their home.  Then, she described a specific location where the renovations stopped.

“That’s when the kids came.”

Her adoption process turned out to involve an incredibly short wait, and when her kids arrived, there was no turning back to finish renovations!

There was not a hint of regret in her voice.  It was clear where her priorities were.  Welcoming these precious kids into her life immediately took precedence over home renovations. What had been important a month earlier now was not even being considered for time and attention.

This is good.

We do well to constantly reevaluate our priorities according to our season of life and adjusting accordingly.

Life is meant to be lived to the full in the present.

Do you have some things on your calendar that reflect old priorities?  Do your best to let these go and focus fully on your current season of life.

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