Let’s Talk About Overcommitment & Overwhelm

You want to have the time, so you say, “Yes!”

You commit…for just this one sports season…or just this one school year…or just to get our foot in the door

And all of these “just this ones” string together…

and you all of a sudden have a lot on your plate…

You may be feeling this right now as the new school year has kicked off.

“What have I gotten myself into?” ??‍♀️

“Why did I think I could do all of this?” ?

Thankfully, there is a way out.

When you take time to think-time, you use your whole brain to quickly and clearly help you see into the future so you can prevent overcommitment and overwhelm.

  1. You sketch a picture of your wild success. This sketch helps your visual, creative mind to “see” into the future better than a list or a schedule. You can see clearly the end result you want most.
  2. You mindmap “all the things.” Getting all of the options on paper can show you how many things you really want to do. It’s a lot! The reality often is that it is impossible to “do it all” without sacrificing something or someone that matters most. Once you see the tradeoff clearly, you realize something has to give. Now you are ready to prioritize.

It’s impossible to “do it all” without sacrificing something or someone who matters most.

christine wilson

3. Then, with your vision on the left and all of the options on the right, you choose the few things that align with your vision–what matters most to you.

As it turns out, getting clear on what is most important is most important.

Getting clear on what is most important is most important.

Christine wilson

When you have clarity on what is most important, the excess starts to show itself for what it really is–less important.

When you take time to think-time, you say “no” confidently, because when you say “no” to something, you are really saying “yes” to what you want even more.

When you live aligned with your big “yeses,” you increase your opportunity to experience that “just-right” feeling of peaceful productivity and prevent that dreaded feeling of overwhelm.

Don’t waste another season overcommitted and overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Simply #taketimetothinktime and leave overwhelm behind.


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Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All + 5 Things You Can Do About It.

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with all that is on your plate that you were crying at night—only to wake up after a good night’s rest and feel able to move into the “hard” with perseverance and fortitude?

I don’t remember where I heard this phrase the first time, but it really resonates.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Vince Lombardi

When you are tired, it is easier to feel afraid and overwhelmed.

When your brain is refreshed after good sleep, it is sharper and better able to sift through the thousands of inputs you have to deal with on a daily basis.

This impacts not only how you feel about your life, but it impacts your best decision making and your relationships.

Decision fatigue from a long day has set in and your brain is tired. You physically cannot access the higher levels of thinking until you reboot your brain with a good night’s sleep.

So many of the arguments couples have happen after 8pm. And this physical reality impacts everyone—no matter how smart or accomplished you are.

Even psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud and his wife never discuss any big decision after 7 or 8 pm.

So, if last night you felt overwhelmed with all that is on your plate, take note of the feelings using the reflective, mindfulness exercises in your Think Time Planner.

Here are 5 ways you can use your Think Time Planner to calm your big feelings and move forward with confidence:

  • Jot down what you want more of and less of in your life with the More of / Less Of exercise.
  • Sift through what is in your control and out of your control using your Serenity Circle Exercise.
  • Review what is working and what is not working in your Review Box.
  • Gain perspective on where you have been, where you are and where you want to be using the Timeline Tool.
  • Record what you are grateful for even in the hard seasons in the “I am Thankful For” area.

Simply putting words to these big feelings can help your brain calm down (helping you move your right brain big overwhelming feelings into the left-brain logical part of your brain) so you can get your bearings and move forward into your life with confidence.

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