Soulish Living

This afternoon, I enjoyed a moment of sitting in the spring sun at the Dallas Arboretum.  I have found a special spot away from the crowds that tucks me away in plush grass surrounded by colorful flowers.  This is the spot that I find when I just want to “be.”


Today, I just wanted to be.  No agenda.  Just time to be a human in the world soaking in the warmth of the sun and feeling the cushion of the other-worldly carpet of thick green grass.  Nearby was my glistening Think Time in case I wanted to jot down a thought, insight or idea before I forgot it.  But, my phone was on airplane mode, the girls were having a blast with their awesome babysitter, and my laptop was in the car.

This moment was a result–a beautiful result– of my yearly Think Time.  This year, my yearly Think Time themes revealed a deep desire to revive and to cultivate my soul.


When I was younger, I sat long, thought much, and enjoyed deeply.  I played.  I connected. I said “Yes!” spontaneously to those I loved.  I spent too much time on the details, and I listened infinitely to others share their innermost hearts.  I had infinite time, it seemed.  And, I lived like it.


These days, the responsibilities of life seem to squeeze out those aspects of life that make me feel so full and so human.   I mean, who knew that I would grow up to be responsible for inventorying groceries and preparing or otherwise planning for 21 meals and 7 snacks a week–52 weeks a year?!?  What a surprise!

Who knew that my oldest child would need a new wardrobe every season?  Who knew that someone would need to create and maintain a system for storing and retrieving sizes and seasons of clothes for all of my kids?  Who knew that play dates, date nights, and any other activity I had in mind required an orchestral alignment of the stars to ensure that a sitter was in line, no one would be sick, traffic would not impede, blood sugar and water bottle levels were high, and potty accidents would not occur on the way.  (And, guess who was also responsible to ensure that back up clothes were readily available when things did not go as planned?)


Some of you are amazing at organization and planning and actually enjoy these challenges.  Unfortunately, I am not like you.  I actually love losing track of time, following a deep intellectual thought to the end of where it travels, and detailing projects until they…are…PERFECT.

So, I am moving these moments back into my life.


Today, it was a simple hour and a half of just “being” in the world, soaking up the sun and feeling the plush grass while I watched the trees bud.

Yesterday, it was restoring my hair to blonde while reading a deeply intellectual and spiritual book instead of being on my phone.

Last month, it was re-introducing distressed jeans into my wardrobe.

Looking forward, I also have some plans in my Think Time for some soulish moments throughout the coming year

This spring, I have set aside months to connect with my sweet new baby.


This summer, we are planning to attend a family reunion in Tennessee.  I am most looking forward to “listening long” as my kids’ great uncles and aunts tell us the stories of our family.

Later, we are planning to go hiking in the Colorado mountains in celebration of our 10th anniversary.  I have a sketch in my Think Time of me with with my new baby in my baby carrier soaking in the surrounding beauty.  I can’t wait!


This fall, I am planning to visit a fun-loving former roommate.  I am so looking forward to to laughing and to listening…to reminiscing and to playing.


These are simple moves, but they are bold moves.

These are the changes in ones life that restore light to the eyes and breath to the soul.

These are the soulish moments of life.


What are the moments in life that would restore your soul?

Are you making time and space for them?

If not now, when?


These are my thoughts.  What are yours?

The best blogs are dialogues.  Please comment below!


Christine Wilson

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What are the moments in life that would restore your soul?  Are you making time and space for them? @thinktimetweets

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