Simply Have A Great Day!

I used to feel like I was a victim of my days.  It was a “good day” or a “bad day” and I didn’t really have much to do with what type it was.

I was along for the ride.

I also used to feel like whether I was successful in the course of a day had something to do with measuring up to an external standard.

What I am sharing in today’s Coaching Minute foundationally transformed how I view my days.

I don’t know of too many ideas have been more transformative for my life than this one.

I was first introduced to this concept by Marcia Ramsland in her book Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay That Way.

In this book, Marcia suggests that I could make a plan for my day and design it in a way that worked for me…in a way that I enjoyed.

At the time, this idea was revolutionary to me.  Up to this point in my life, I had not thought much about what I enjoyed in a day.  I had dutifully sought to do what I thought was supposed to be done.  I had not considered that I was designed purposefully and perfectly to have certain types of days that would bring my heart joy in ways different than others–that certain types of days that would make my heart sing and feel successful to me.  

I had pretty much just compared myself to people I knew, to external pressures that were placed on me and listened unquestioningly to the internal critic in my head.  All of these were not helpful to me and generally left me feeling pretty bad.

I thought that to be productive, purposeful, or effective I needed to somehow become a Type A, organized person who loved to check things off my list and to do stuff all of the time.

Well, that is certainly not me; so in my internal world, I was always failing to live up to my own expectations.  

What a sad thing!  

I am beautifully designed for a unique purpose, but at that time, I was comparing myself to the standard’s of someone else’s unique purpose.  

What an utter waste!!

In her book Simplify Your Life, Marcia taught me to respect my unique design by clarifying the type of life I enjoyed.

Did I enjoy waking up and checking things off quickly or did I enjoy a slow morning?

What pace did I like my days to hold?  Slow, medium, or fast?

What types of activities do I want to include in an ideal day?

As you go into your day today, ask yourself if you are arranging your life in a way that suits how are you are designed. 

What do you enjoy? Are you scheduling your life in a way that helps you thrive? Or do you have an image in your head of something you “should” be or do to be successful today?  Let go of the external image of who you think you should be, and embrace who you really are.

Your design is perfectly aligned with your purpose.

Embrace this truth, be yourself, and simply have a great day!  You will be so happy you did!

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