Just. Do. Something!!

What do you do when you can’t do everything?

Find out what I did in three different areas of life when I couldn’t “go big or go home.”

Are You Bored?  You Should Be!

A new book was released last fall called Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out can Unlock Your Most Productive and Brilliant Self.   In this work, Manoush Zomodori uses cutting-edge research and examples from the lives of real people to demonstrate how more time to be bored can help you lead a life that isContinue reading “Are You Bored?  You Should Be!”

I am So Tired!

If you are like so many people I know you are wearing yourself out to “get stuff done.”

Today I want to challenge you to ask yourself the question, “Is it worth it?”

Are these things that I’m doing worth my energy, my time, and my health?

When you are exhausted, you’re not doing your best work, you are not connecting with others well, and you’re not ready to meet the challenges of the day.

How Can I Make This Even Better?

One of my favorite questions in our Think Time Life-Coaching process is, “How can I make this even better?” In the Dream Phase of Think Time, after you move through several creative thinking tools, you ask yourself this question. It is the question Walt Disney asked of his Imagineers over and over again when theyContinue reading “How Can I Make This Even Better?”

See the Positive.

When you are interacting with people, do you naturally see the positive or the negative? When you are talking about people with others, what do you say?  Do you tend to comment on the positive or the negative?  What we often don’t realize sometimes is that when we speak negatively about somebody, it says moreContinue reading “See the Positive.”

A Messy Life Is a Lot of Work.

Last week, I talked about how much work it takes to create clarity and calm, and I shared the example of cleaning up my kids’ closets. This week I want to talk about the hard work it takes to not put the effort in to create clarity in our lives. When I don’t have clarityContinue reading “A Messy Life Is a Lot of Work.”

Clarity Takes Hard Work.

I recently spent three hours with a friend who is gifted in organization.  She helped me to sift and sort through four ages of kids clothes, creating donation bags, and organizing the “keepers” in accessible bins. As I look into my kids’ closet after all that work, the takeaway I had was, “Clarity takes hardContinue reading “Clarity Takes Hard Work.”

Eye Contact

We live in the Digital Age. We have many advances and really cool things we can do now. However, what is one thing that has changed? Eye contact. It is through eye contact that we connect with those around us. It is through eye contact that we step out of our own lives and intoContinue reading “Eye Contact”

“That’s When The Kids Came.” On Repurposing Our Goals.

Life is not all about achieving our goals. It’s about living our lives. Sometimes we set aside our goals for a time to live more fully focused on what matters more.  In other words, we repurpose our goals…we shift our focus. I was recently talking with a friend who adopted a sibling set of threeContinue reading ““That’s When The Kids Came.” On Repurposing Our Goals.”

Dream in High Definition.

“Dream in High Definition.”  This is the way Chris Hogan explains it.  I love this word picture! Chris helps people to plan for retirement.  But.  He doesn’t do it in the traditional numbers, spreadsheets and lines format—which is why he is so compelling.   He coaches his people to dream—to dream with a vision soContinue reading “Dream in High Definition.”