How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How do you want to be remembered? By your kids. By your family members. By your team members at work. By the customers you serve. By your neighbors. By the stranger passing you on the street. By the people of the next generation. Think through the lenses of anyone you choose:  How do you wantContinue reading “How Do You Want to Be Remembered?”

Better to Start Small Than Not At All

These are super important days. Have you considered that you may have an important role to play in them? Often, when you think of making a difference in the world, you may feel like you need to do something really big. Then, you see the obstacles. And because you can’t do something big… You. Don’t.Continue reading “Better to Start Small Than Not At All”

“Shower Thoughts”

Have you ever noticed when you have your a-ha moments? They are usually in the shower. Do you know why this is? All other distractions are finally turned off. You can’t hear anything. You’re not having a conversation. You haven’t thought intentionally about what you were going to do with your shower time. You areContinue reading ““Shower Thoughts””

Two Ways to Help Yourself Relax

…be very careful what you say yes to…

How to Produce Your Best Work–At a Moment’s Notice!

…our process encourages regular self-care, regular time to think relational connectedness…and, well you need to…

Let’s Keep This Idea. But Let’s Do It Later.

Often, when we have an idea, we think we need to act on it right away. This is not always the case. This simple belief can get us in so much trouble and stress out our lives and mess up our schedules. Get my Free Download: 10 Time-Maximizing Tips Many many things can be delayedContinue reading “Let’s Keep This Idea. But Let’s Do It Later.”

Are You Enjoying Yourself?

Part of the Think Time process involves including things in our life that we enjoy.  At Think Time, we don’t only plan for things we have to do, but we also plan for things that will build us up and refuel us. What are some things that you enjoy? Are you remembering to include themContinue reading “Are You Enjoying Yourself?”

It’s a New Year!

Happy 2019! It’s a new year! The slate is blank. Last year is officially over. This year has officially begun. Do you feel the freedom to dream big? Do you feel the freedom to do things differently? Do you know how to get better results and have more time? Do you know how to becomeContinue reading “It’s a New Year!”

Simply Have A Great Day!

I used to feel like I was a victim of my days.  It was a “good day” or a “bad day” and I didn’t really have much to do with what type it was. I was along for the ride. I also used to feel like whether I was successful in the course of aContinue reading “Simply Have A Great Day!”

Do You Lose Your Ideas All of the Time?

If you are like a lot of creative people I know, you scribble your ideas on the back of envelopes on napkins, and on small pieces of paper that—truth be told— will never be seen again. You write them down because you have the best intentions of following through on them at the right time.Continue reading “Do You Lose Your Ideas All of the Time?”