How I Do Less to Achieve More

Thanks so much for your engagement with my blog last week. You have been telling me that you want to live a life of true success — not of shallow achievement and shiny objects–but one full of the good stuff–the real stuff. You want to get great results, have great relationships, and maintain a resilienceContinue reading “How I Do Less to Achieve More”

This is Success

When you arrive at the end of your life and look back, what do you want to see? Who do you want to have been? What do you want to have done? In essence, “What is success?” This question was actually the opening line of my high school graduation speech. As I stood in frontContinue reading “This is Success”

The Approach I Personally Use to Be More “Disciplined”

“I want whatever the person who wakes up early in the morning and works out has.” As a person with ADHD, have you ever felt this way? You want to wake up early to write that novel, launch that course, or lose the weight, but somehow it just doesn’t happen. Have you wanted to beContinue reading “The Approach I Personally Use to Be More “Disciplined””

Is Time Slipping Through Your Fingers?

One of the struggles of people with ADHD is not “feeling“ the passing of time as other people do. As a person with ADHD, you probably feel time in two categories – “now” and “not now.” This can lead to excessive impulsivity and/or excessive procrastination—making prioritizing and achieving tasks in real time more difficult. One thing that can help you better manage your time, and your life, is to externalize time in a concrete format.

The One Thing Entrepreneurs with ADHD Need to Succeed

You have a powerful brain, but you have a problem. It’s hard to control your mind. Dr. Edward Hallowell is a world renown expert in the ADHD brain, and he loves working with entrepreneurs. After decades of working with entrepreneurs with ADHD, he notes there is one mistake that entrepreneurs with ADHD make that keep them from being successful. The ADHD mind is so powerful and has tons of energy. The difficulty, he notes, is in directing the energy.


You already know this, but like all good truths, it is often good to be reminded.   A lot is going on.   Some is good.   Some is bad.   Some is in your control.   And some is not.   With a lot of our world shifting under your feet and over yourContinue reading “ATTITUDE”

Are You Constantly Interrupted?

When I was launching my business, I did not know what I am about to share with you today. I wish I did because it would have helped me find soooo much more time…AND I would have been able to be more present with my family during that time! ______________________________________________________________ Most entrepreneurs with ADHD feel likeContinue reading “Are You Constantly Interrupted?”

Need More Time?

Thank you for your excitement and engagement in my mini-survey! Get my Free Download: 10 Time-Maximizing Tips Here’s what I have learned from you. When you think of two obstacles that get in the way of bringing your dreams to life, you need… #1 more time #2 improved focus. These two needs are critical forContinue reading “Need More Time?”

Overcome Overwhelm: Get the Time, Focus, & Energy You Need to Succeed.

Overcome Overwhelm: Get the Time, Focus, & Energy You Need to Succeed. Think Time Planner is the FIRST Creative Productivity Planner designed to harness the power of your creative mind to boost your productivity so you can get your best results. By using both right brain thinking and left brain thinking, you boost your ability to discover and define your desires, to focus amidst distraction, and to create a strategic plan to bring your dreams to life.

How to “Manifest” Your Dreams and Goals

Have you heard people talk about the life-changing experience of “manifesting” their dreams and goals? Well, I don’t exactly call it “manifestation,” nor do I credit an impersonal universe; however, I do believe people are getting great results. I’ll tell you why in this post.