A Boy with a Question. A Man with a Vision.

When Eric was a little boy, he rode through downtown Indianapolis with his father.  As he looked out the window, he noticed the homeless people on the street.  Specifically, he noticed the children.  Out of his mouth came the most profound words.  He asked his Dad, “Who is taking care of the children?” Today, EricContinue reading “A Boy with a Question. A Man with a Vision.”

Creative Thinking Skills You Need

Creative thinking skills are currently considered as important as literacy for the rising generation.  Why is this? At first glance, creative thinking techniques seem silly or even absurd.  You want me to do what?  Draw?  I haven’t drawn in 30 years!  You want me to do what?  Mind map?  That looks messy!  My orderly list hasContinue reading “Creative Thinking Skills You Need”

Airplane Mode!

Two days ago, a friend offered to watch my kids for a couple of hours.  Four weeks from my due date and in the middle of a renovation, I needed some down time to rejuvenate. When I arrived, I decided my best use of that time was to exercise first then run an easy errandContinue reading “Airplane Mode!”

Success in the (Not So) Small Stuff

They found me!  Oh no! Recently on Facebook, I have been greeted by “Sponsored” pages that start like this.  “Four years ago, I lived in my parent’s basement.  But, today, I live in a Manhattan high rise.  I am so successful.  You can be too!  Keep watching and I will tell you how I did it.” BlogContinue reading “Success in the (Not So) Small Stuff”

When Life Throws You a Curveball…Hit a Homerun!

We are in the age of planners.  Planners are great when you know where you are going, you are where you want to be, and you understand what needs to be done. But, what do you need when life throws you a curveball? Do you need to better organize your overflowing list of to dos?Continue reading “When Life Throws You a Curveball…Hit a Homerun!”

Choosing Purpose over Perfection

I write from a peaceful, quiet hotel room 15 stories above the Fort Worth skyline.  Keith and I are on a little getaway weekend.  It is part birthday celebration, part babymoon, and part taking time to think time and discuss our lives together on a deep level without interruption.  (Thanks, Mom!) I just hung outContinue reading “Choosing Purpose over Perfection”

What If We Could?

One of my favorite things is listening to people describe their dreams, wishes, and goals.  As I listen, the light shines in their eyes as they explain how things could really be.  They have a unique perspective on the changes that need to occur, and they have formulated a custom solution that has for some reason has notContinue reading “What If We Could?”

Relationships are a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Last night, we reconnected with my second cousins to watch their daughter in a prominent role in the Nutcracker.  My great aunt traveled to Dallas from Columbus to watch her granddaughter with her son’s family, and my brother joined our family in our family’s carefully chosen back row seating.  Happily, my daughters were in rapt attention during theContinue reading “Relationships are a Necessity, Not a Luxury”

Live Your Unique Story

Take a moment to look at your fingerprint. If you are like me, it has been years since you reflected on the uniqueness found in such a simple task.  Take a moment to reflect on the uniqueness of your fingerprint. No one else has the same one. Sure, there are patterns of types of printsContinue reading “Live Your Unique Story”

This is Your Life. Fight for it!

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” after only one year on YouTube, has reached over 239 million views.  After only three years, Disney’s Frozen “Let it Go” is approaching a billion views.  These songs obviously strike a chord in our hearts today.  Why is this? Both songs center around a theme of reclaiming our hearts and our lives.  WhetherContinue reading “This is Your Life. Fight for it!”