On Living with Productivity and Purpose: Two Simple Questions Bring Clarity

When you look at your large list of to dos, oftentimes you may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start.  The question may come to mind, “How can I get this done?” 

To boost your productivity, turn the question around just a bit.  Productivity guru, Kevin Kruse, recommends asking yourself instead the following question: “How can this get done?”  Do you see the one word that is missing?  That’s right.  The tiniest word in the English language.  “I.”  Take “I” out of the question, and open up doors of creative problem solving.  You may be surprised to discover how many things you can achieve if you tweak this one self-question.


The most productive people delegate as much as possible.

So, see what needs to be done.

Just free yourself from having to “do it all.”


This leads us to the next question, for surely we wouldn’t want to delegate everything.

That’s right.  We want to delegate as much as possible to enhance our productivity.  However, if we delegate everything, we run the risk of delegating ourselves right out of the role of living our unique purpose.  The question to ask yourself when you want to live your life on purpose is, “What can only I do?”

This question brings tremendous clarity as you consider what only you can do…or only you should do. This question may lead you to think of your unique design and giftings.  It may lead you to think of your unique experiences in life.  It may prompt you to consider the way you are uniquely situated in your professional position or in a relationship.

african american businessman meeting with client

You may be moved to fulfill a vision only you have or to be there for someone uniquely dependent upon you.


The same productivity guru mentioned above, Kevin Kruse, not only delegates as much as he can, but he also sets time aside for purposeful activities that only he can do.  In fact, he has spent a large portion of this year planning a special father-daughter trip to Italy for his daughter who will soon go to college.  While delegating as much as possible, he has recognized his irreplaceable position as “father” to his daughter and is orchestrating his life to support this unique role that only he can fulfill.  This is living on purpose.



Countless things can be done by anyone.

Very few things can only be done only by you.

Identify these few and bump them up in your priorities to live on purpose.


These are my thoughts…  What are yours?

Please share in the comments below!



Christine M. Wilson, LPC

Co-Founder, Think Time


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