On Life Balance: Protect Your Focus

You know what it is like to finally have the time to sit down and work on that project you’ve been wanting to do…

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Your mind won’t stop wandering.

You simply cannot bring about the results you want.

Simply put, you cannot focus.


There are a lot of secrets to boosting your focus, and nine are woven into the Think TimeTM 3DR Process.  However, we are going to talk about one other strategy I believe is foundational to all of the others.  Without it, when you are ready to focus, you simply won’t be able to.

With it, you will exponentially increase your mind’s ability to focus on demand.

This strategy is so underutilized in our culture, that if you apply it, you will immediately gain a decided edge.

Without it, your mind will simply not have refueled sufficiently to bring about the focus you need.

Are you ready?

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Make the most of your time by allowing your mind to Drift.

Allowing your mind to Drift will–among other things–actually boost your brain’s ability to focus.

When your mind Drifts, your brain is actually quite active.

If you were to take an MRI image of your brain when you’re not thinking about anything in particular, it would be incredibly colorful.  A part of your brain called the Default Neural Network (DNN) is activated.  When the DNN is active, executive functioning skills such as focusing are strengthened.

So, set some time aside this week to allow your mind to Drift.  Take a walk without your phone.  Drive without the radio.  Pause before a meeting simply to “be.”

And, afterwards, you will be better able to focus like you need.


This world is sooo distracting!

What would you do if you could finally focus?

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Christine M. Wilson, LPC
Co-Founder, Think Time


Think Time 3DR Process

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