On Battling “Busy”

What gets in between you and living a full, connected, meaningful life?

When Shauna Niequist, author of Present over Perfect, asked herself this question, she came up with one clear answer–being “busy.”

She shares, “A few years ago, I found myself exhausted and isolated, my soul and body sick. I was tired of being tired, burned out on busy. And, it seemed almost everyone I talked with was in the same boat: longing for connection, meaning, depth, but settling for busy…”

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“Busy” is one of the strongest enemies of living on purpose.

But, how do we fight “busy” and win–when everyone and everything around us seems to be moving toward this ever-pulsing beat?

There seems to be no other way…

Or is there?


Here are a few ways to start your battle against busyness:

Develop a clear and compelling vision of what your purposeful life looks like.  This is the place to start–at the end.  Imagine yourself looking back on your life.  What does wild success look like?

Align your activities to this vision.  Brainstorm ways you can bring this vision to fruition.  Place these on your calendar first.  These activities will help you become who you want to be, so they need to take precedence over “other stuff.”

Say “no” to just about everything else.  This sounds hard, but with a clear and compelling vision of what matters most, it is not actually as hard as you think.  While it is often hard to say “no” without a clear vision,  once you have a clear vision of where you are going and why, the “nos” become obvious, nearly effortless, and often even joyous!

When you look back over your future life, what do you want to see?

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