More is Less

Last week, I reminded you of the truth that often: Less is more.


This week, I want to remind you that often… More is less.

Sometimes, we say “yes” too quickly.  There are so many wonderful opportunities!  When we say “yes” to too many of them, unfortunately, our most important YESes are unintentionally told NO.

Let’s quickly discuss a few.

Relationships.  Unfortunately, when we say “yes” to too much, it is often our dearest relationships that suffer the most.  As people, we are designed to live in quality connections with others.  When we are busy about many things, this is one of the first things to give.  We’ve all experienced this.

Health.  Sometimes we push ourselves so hard to keep up with our “yeses” that we neglect our nutrition, our rest, and our exercise.  We are designed to be dependent on these basic needs to deliver our best results.  Unfortunately, cheating our health is a temporary fix that our bodies will not allow us to do for long.  (Read one man’s story here.) When we neglect our health, we often sabotage our future success.  Oops.

Quality and excellence.  You’ve experienced this–from other people of course. ; ) You are working on a team project and someone who says “yes” to too many things is routinely the one who is dropping the ball or producing shoddy work.  It hurts the quality of the delivered result.  They feel like they are doing “everything they can” but you know there were a lot of choices before that point of crisis that led to the embarrassing results.  The last thing you want is to be “that person” in someone else’s life!  You know how it feels on the other side!

This is why it is worth a little think-time to get really clear on your “YESes.”  Only then will you know where to confidently apply your “NOs.”  Then, you will have more of what you want.  And less of what you don’t want.

And, you can confidently live your life focused on what matters most.

How have you seen More as Less in your life?  Please comment below.

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