How to “Manifest” Your Dreams and Goals

Have you heard people talk about the life-changing experience of “manifesting” their dreams and goals?

Well, I don’t exactly call it “manifestation,” nor do I credit an impersonal universe; however, I do believe people are getting great results.

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I’ll tell you why.

What a lot of people call “manifestation,” I call it “visual thinking”–visualizing your goals so clearly you can FEEL them.

There are great neurological reasons why this practice works.

I discovered the power of visualizing and drawing my completed goals over 5 years ago–conducting an educated experiment I was pretty sure would work…

And, it did.

Better than I could have imagined.

It frankly blew me away.

Here’s what I believe is happening neurologically and why it works.

Research shows that when you visualize something so clearly that you can FEEL it, your brain gets to work to bring that vision to a reality–and here’s the cool part–even when you are not consciously thinking about it!

So, think about going throughout your day. You have literally tens of thousands of inputs. You simply cannot respond to all of them if you are to effectively tune into your tasks and be productive. So, your brain has a built in design to help you filter through all of these inputs to make your decisions–all day long.

(Now, some of us ADHDers respond to external stimuli more than others, of course, but generally speaking, this is how it works.)


Guess how many decisions are made on a subconscious level!

95% of them!


That means that your brain is saying “pay attention to” or “ignore” before you even consciously process 95% of what is going on around you.

So, if you want to start noticing more opportunities each day to achieve your dreams and goals, you need a proven strategy to help your brain recognize them and bring them to your attention.

You need to help your brain help you!

You need to help your brain help you!

Christine Wilson, LPC

How do you do that?

Here are 3 steps you can take:

1. Set aside regular uninterrupted think-time. Starting with just 5 minutes can get you started. The brain is more receptive and effective when you are calm. When you are stressed, it moves into fight, flight or freeze. So, if you are writing your goals on the fly, you may as well kiss them goodbye. Instead, place your phone on airplane mode and “sit with yourself” for a moment as you allow what matters most to surface.

If you are writing your goals on the fly, you may as well kiss them goodbye.

Christine Wilson

2. Visualize what you want. Really experience your dreams. See yourself completing your goal. How do you feel? What do you see? Employ as many of your five senses as possible to clearly visualize this accomplished goal. When you experience your dreams and goals viscerally, it gets to work to bring them to reality. Research shows that your energy, focus, and motivation toward your goals increase with the practice of visualization.

3. Draw it, mind map it, use color, and add words. The visual thinking techniques I curated in Think Time Planner to help you apply the above two steps are drawing this vision in your Envision Box and concept-clouding (brainstorming) using your 5 Sensing Tool. This creative process engages your whole brain and really communicates to your brain in a way it can understand a whole lot better than writing words alone.

This three step process engages several parts of your brain: the visual processing part where ideas originate, the deeper parts of your brain where your emotions are stored, right brain creative thinking and left brain analytical thinking. That’s how Think Time Planner helps you use your whole brain strategy for achieving your dreams and goals. Promise me you’ll never plan with words alone again!?!?!? Please!!!

Promise me you’ll never plan with words alone again!?!?!? Please!!!

Christine Wilson, LPC

By clearly envisioning your dreams and goals, you have “primed” your brain to focus on what matters most in a distracting world, so in the midst of your crazy busy life you can increase your chances of noticing what you “intend” to notice.

With this type of clarity you can feel, you should begin to find more opportunities to live on purpose and achieve your goals–even in a distracting world. To literally BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE.

By clearly envisioning your dreams and goals, you have “primed” your brain to focus on what matters most in a distracting world, so you are more likely to notice what you “intend” to notice.

Christine Wilson

Opportunities to fulfill your dreams and goals surround you. Help your brain help you by preparing it to focus on your dreams and goals amidst distraction.

Set aside uninterrupted think-time.

Visualize your completed goal.

Draw this in your Think Time Planner.

Stop missing out on the opportunities in your own life.

Get the thinking skills you need to fight distractions and get results.

In my signature course Cut Through the Noise, I teach my full Dream, Decide, Do, Review Process in depth to help you immediately apply the best purpose and productivity strategies for entrepreneurs with ADHD on the market today.

A little think-time can change your life.

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