Live Your Unique Story

Take a moment to look at your fingerprint.

Girl hand showing one finger isolated on white background. Number one

If you are like me, it has been years since you reflected on the uniqueness found in such a simple task.  Take a moment to reflect on the uniqueness of your fingerprint.

No one else has the same one.

Sure, there are patterns of types of prints the helps us to categorize fingerprints, but NO ONE has one quite like yours.



Now, think about your unique personality design.

Are you energized by being with people or being by yourself?

Are you a person who lives in the world of tangible things you can touch or in the world of ideas?

Do you tend to lead with your heart or your head?

Do you live within defined time and space parameters, or do you wait until later to decide what seems appropriate?

Do you work in a logical or sporadic sequence?

Do you like to hear the high points or all of the details?

Are you quick to start something you are energized to do or are you motivated to minimize unnecessary change?

You are likely somewhere on a continuum of each of these categories as unique as your fingerprint.  Sure, we can think of areas that help us to understand our uniqueness, but the fact remains that each of us is one person as unique from others as our fingerprint.


Now think about your unique story.

Where were you born?  Who were your parents?  Who were your friends?  What was your community like?

What did you notice as a child?  What places made you feel alive?  What relationships inspired you?

What tragedies have you lived through?  What obstacles have you overcome?

All of these things and more tell the unique story which is our life.

These uniquenesses of our lives can also hint toward our purpose.  Our past–including the most glorious and the most tragic moments–can be used to bring good, truth, and beauty into the world.  In the realm of purpose, nothing is wasted.  Oftentimes, comfort flows from us to another because we have lived through unique experiences.  If we are willing, we can offer ourselves–life on life–in comfort to another person as our experiences give us custom lenses through which we can view the world and recognize things others don’t.


We are unique.

Our time is short.

There will be no repeats and no do-overs.

Time is marching on, and we have one life to live.

Let’s maximize our unique place in this world by embracing our unique design and living our life to the full–just as we are.


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The best blogs are dialogues.  What makes you unique?  What do you see that no one else sees?  Please comment in the comments below!



Christine M. Wilson, LPC

Co-Founder, Think Time


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