Just Start!

One of my favorite entrepreneurial concepts is found in a small and practical book called Just Start.

Written by seasoned business leaders from Babson College, this book debunks myths about a curious group of people–serial entrepreneurs.  Many people imagine entrepreneurs testing ideas in a laboratory and perfecting them over and over again before finally releasing them to the public.

Not so.

After studying serial entrepreneurs, the research team discovered that people who started successful business after successful business had one thing in common–they started.

They most often started small–only investing what they were willing to lose.  Then, they learned…and adjusted…and, launched again.

Then, they learned…and adjusted…and, launched again.

This process gives the benefit of real-time feedback and data that can never be gained in a laboratory.  Each idea was sharpened by real feedback from real life and real people.  Because they never invested more than they were willing to lose, they always won.  They either found out quickly and cheaply that the idea was not going to fly, or they gained invaluable feedback that sharpened their product or idea so it could launch to the next level.

What’s your idea?

Is there a way that you can start small–only investing what you are willing to lose?

Launch it, but hold it loosely.  Allow it to come back changed–only to launch it again.

Can you create a Version 1.0 and get it in front of the world?

Go ahead!  Get it out there!  What do you want to create?

Go for it!

Christine M. Wilson

Licensed Professional Counselor, Co-founder of Think Time



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What’s your idea? @thinktimetweetshttp://ow.ly/AHrg30figwg

What do you want to create?  Go ahead!  Get it out there!   http://ow.ly/AHrg30figwg

Go for it!  @thinktimetweets http://ow.ly/AHrg30figwg


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