Is It Possible to Be Present & Be Productive?

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between being present in your own life and getting results?

You don’t have to choose any longer!

Think Time Planner helps you to be mindfully aware and get real results in real time.

Recently, I watched an interview between Tim Ferriss and Brene Brown discussing a plethora of wonderful topics—shame, authenticity, mindfulness, and more. Within the conversation, I heard Tim wish for a process that merged mindfulness and productivity. I wanted to jump through the screen and hand him a Think Time. 

Here it is, Tim! 

For 6 years, Think Time Planner has artfully combined top practices in mindful awareness and purposeful productivity.

With Think Time Planner, you regularly insert a purposeful pause into your life to create your plans.  Within this purposeful pause, you are guided through exercises that encourage you to be in the present moment, to be with your thoughts, and to acknowledge what is. 

Become aware of your dreams and goals as you move through the Think Time exercises.

However, this “mindful presence” you achieve when you #taketimetothinktime is not detached from the realities of your day to day life. Bringing your dreams to life is a constant negotiation between what “is” in your heart (your dreams, your goals, and your desires) and what “is” in your day to day life (the pressures, responsibilities and realities of your day to day life). 

The ultimate goal is to creatively align these realities when they are disparate.

Mindful awareness of what “is” becomes the foundation from which you become aware of the dreams and goals aligned so you can negotiate them with your current reality. 

By allowing your mind time to "be" you can have greater opportunity to bring your dreams to life.
By allowing your mind time to “be” you can have greater opportunity to bring your dreams to life.

Acknowledging what “is” and being “present” in the “here and now” are central practices to living a purposeful and productive life.  These practices have spiritual roots and implications beyond the scope of this mini-blog, but they are very important.

By not living in denial… 

By not focusing too much on the past or the future… 

By accepting what is—both what is on your heart and what is in your life… 

By staying in the here and now while taking action that propels you forward…

You have greater opportunity to experience bringing your dreams to life—even in a distracting world.