“I Have to Get It ALL Done Now!” – On Protecting Priorities

We are in the middle of a series addressing the daunting statement we often feel, “I have to get it all done now!”


We are evaluating this sentence bit by bit to discover ways to live both purposely and productively while we have a lot to get done.

First, we discussed starting with the disappointment of realizing it will not all get done.  Only when we accept this reality can we identify what absolutely must be done.  The true priorities begin to emerge.

In the next blog, we confronted the deceptive and destructive words “have to.”  Instead of allowing these words to steal from us everything we hold dear, we put ourselves back in the driver’s seat by using instead the two words “choose to.”

Then, we evaluated our use of the word “I” in this sentence.  We discussed answering the question, What can only I do?” to begin the filtering process.  Then, we looked at various opportunities for delegation.


Today, we are tackling the three letter word “ALL.”

While the previous blogs have already provided some thinking grids through which you can filter your to-do list, here I will introduce two simple questions to ask yourself.



First, what can I eliminate? 

Checking something off a list does not make you productive.

At Think Time, we encourage you to cross things off your to-do list before you do them–simply because they are not the most important.

Sometimes, deciding not to do something is the most productive thing you can do.  By doing so, you free your focus for what matters most.  You protect your priorities.  Priority tasks are often squeezed out by activities that are good, but not the best.  Guard your priorities by deciding not to do some things.



Next, what can I reduce?

Not every task needs to be completed to the fullest extent.  When you are in a time crunch, and something must be done, focus on the RESULTS this action item will bring.

How can you reduce this activity and still achieve great results?  You may be surprised at the solutions that come to your mind simply by asking the question.


At times, our to-do lists can be daunting.

By looking twice at the word “ALL” we can further evaluate how we can protect our priorities by reducing or eliminating action items on our to-do list.


Have you experienced a time in which something “good” stole time from what was “best?”


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Christine Wilson, LPC

Think Time Co-Founder


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