“I Have to Get It All Done Now!” – On Delegation

We are in the middle of a series of blogs answering a difficult question.

“When I have filtered my tasks through the dream and decide phases of Think Time, and I still have a pile of to-dos that must be done, what do I do?”

To conquer this familiar problem, we are going to use the above sentence: “I Have to Get It All Done Now!”


Today, we are going to focus on the first word, “I.”

When we are facing an insurmountable pile of to-dos that are imperative, one way to cut it down is to ask yourself the following question:

What can only I do?”

When, you are overwhelmed with all you have to do, sift your list into two categories according to this question.

Keep the items that only you can do, and delegate the remaining to capable others.

This can be difficult if you are in crunch time and are not accustomed to delegating.  Here are some ideas, however, to get you started.

  • Is this actually someone else’s job?  Do I need to take a look at my internal boundaries and make sure that I am not enabling or rescuing someone?  Hand it over to them.  It’s theirs.
  • Is there someone, anyone, who can grow through completing this task?  (To see the value of this, check out Mark Miller’s new book Leaders Made Here.)
  • Can new technology and innovations help me get this done faster?
    • Can you use Fiverr.com to hire tasks to be completed for work or the TaskRabbit app for a home task?
  • Is there someone you can hire in addition to your current team?
    • Do you need to onboard a top-level assistant?  Try Belay Solutions for a smart Virtual Assistant to help you manage your work life and your personal life–scheduling travel arrangements, organizing your inbox, or finding the best dry cleaner that delivers in your area.

If you are like me, you are feeling a new sense of hope in your chest and a lightness on your shoulders.  Feeling like we have to do it all can really weigh heavily on us.

The next time, you sense, “I Have to Do It All Now,” just remember this one question, “What can only I do?” and delegate the rest!

If were able to delegate to someone else, what is the first thing you would get off your plate?

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  1. Love this topic! Well done Christine! Thank you for the mention – I’d love to chat sometime. I totally believe that we rob others id opportunity to grow when we refuse to delegate; I challenge leaders to realize this as well!

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