Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Out of a Slump

Sometimes, you feel down.

Or anxious.

Sometimes, your thinking is not sharp and your energy is low.

You are in a slump.

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You don’t know what is causing this.  You just know you have been at your best before, and you are not there now.  Whatever you are feeling, you know it can be better…because it has been better.

If your energy is low…your spirits down…your brain foggy…or you are stuck in high gear and you can’t seem to shift out of it, take a minute to ask yourself these following self-care questions.

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You may be surprised how these impact your life–more than you might think.

  1. Am I exercising vigorously regularly (30+ minutes 3-5 times a week)?
  2. Am I sleeping adequately (7.5 + hours each night).
  3. Am I eating healthily?
  4. Am I staying hydrated throughout the day–even during the busy part?
  5. Am I making time for relaxed, connecting time with friends.
  6. Am I playing and having fun?
  7. Am I making time for my spiritual life?
  8. Am I prioritizing what is important across all areas of my life?
  9. Am I disciplining my mind to think primarily about things that are inside my control–rather than spinning my mind on things outside my control?
  10. Am I intentionally forgiving people who have hurt me?
  11. Am I breathing deeply throughout the day?
  12. Am I saying “yes” and “no” freely?
  13. Am I thankful?

These will not solve every problem,* but making basic lifestyle and thinking habit changes will help you more than you might think.

What about you?  Do you have a story to share about how self-care helped get you out of a slump?  Please encourage others with your story below!

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*If you feel really “down,” “anxious,” or “foggy,” please talk to your doctor and/or counselor immediately.  This blog is not medical advice.


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