How to Get Started with Your Think Time Digital Downloads

Hey guys!

This year, we have released our Think Time Purpose Planners as Digital Downloads, and it is awesome to see what you all can do with them.  I am learning from you!

Here are the two main ways you can use your Think Time Digital Download PDFs.  First, you can print them and think-time on paper.  Second, you can download your PDF, and use it on your iPad or device.

  •  Print and Bind your Purpose Planner–any way you like!  When you print your Purpose Planner, you can be as simple or as custom as you would like to be.
    • You can simply print your PDF at home, hole-punch your sheets and place them in a binder.
    • You can also have your PDF printed at your local FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot, etc… with a coil binding.  (The layout is more precisely designed for a coil than a binder, but either way can work.)
    • Another option is to discuss your needs with a customer representative from an awesome paper store like Clampitt Paper here in Texas.  This is especially fun if you are printing for a group and want to customize “team” colors or paper selections.  I also recommend this option if you would like your PDFs to be printed on higher-end papers that may not be carried at more generic stores.  (My personal favorite.)
  • Download your Purpose Planner to your iPad or device.  Just as the sky is the limit on paper selections at Clampitt, the sky is also the limit on app selections when you use your iPad or your favorite device.  (My only caveat is that if you choose to use Think Time on your device, be sure that you put your device on Airplane Mode to get the most out of your think-time!!)
    • Here are two ways that Think Timers have used their downloads this year.
      • Think Time with One Note.
        • Stacy uses her Think Time Purpose Planner with the app One Note.
        • Here is what she had to say, “It’s a little bit more of a manual setup, but one note is organized into notebooks, sections, and pages. I have each quarter/month/week setup as their own page and arranged them so the are side by side like they would be in the printed book. I also made them a background image for the page, so I can draw or type on top of them. Having each one be it’s own page gives me some extra space around it for extra lists of things to do, or sketching out design ideas, etc.”
        • This is what it looks like:

One Note.png

One Note 2.png

  • Think Time with Good Note.
    • Julie uses her Think Time Purpose Planner with the app Good Note.
    • Here is a video tutorial of how she uploads her Think Time Purpose Planner into Good Note with a few tips.

Thank you, Stacy and Julie for sharing your tech-savvy skills with us!  All, please comment below with any and all other options that are out there.  As I said earlier, I am learning from you all!  How will you use your Think Time this year?

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