How to Find Time for a Morning Routine

Hey guys! You may have noticed a new type of post I added to my Instagram feed this week: #workfromhomehacks

These are simple, creative ways you can find time for what matters most so you can get results at home.

After 7 years of working from home with kids underfoot, I understand that you need to be strategic if you are going to squeeze in time for your dreams and goals and be the parent you want to be.

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A lot of entrepreneurs with ADHD have a hard time implementing morning routines. You are probably just thankful to be able to get out of bed! I totally get it. I am #notamorningperson either.

Today I am going to share you a simple habit I have implemented that is central to my morning routine strategy. With all of the distractions in my house (5 little kids), this one tip can save me up to 40 minutes in the morning.


Here’s a simple tip you can add to your rhythms to find more time in the morning too.

Simply get into the habit of making a warm breakfast the day before. Slip it in the oven in the morning while you grab your coffee, and voila! it’s like you have a personal chef in your kitchen serving you while you get your day started on the right foot.

Some of my favorite breakfasts include zucchini bread, sweet potato carrot cakes with sausage, and veggie-infused quiche. Simply garnish with fresh berries for the Pinterest look and you are ready to go!

The compounding results of an open morning time block are many.

1. More Present. The thing I love most about this habit is how present you can be in the mornings. You can be more present to your soul and spirit and your relationship with God and others. You can be more more present to what is on your heart and mind and write these down on your Daily Planner pages to keep them from spinning through your head throughout the day. You can be more present with your family. Instead of over-focusing on the urgent task of flipping pancakes or scrambling eggs last minute, you are freed to greet your children and connect with them better during their most cuddly time of the day.

2. More Energized. While I recommend starting your mornings in calm, quiet solace allowing your mind to wander, I also recommend having a distinct point when you pivot to exercise. On your Think Time Planner, highlight this time block in orange to represent how energizing this part of the day is to your dreams and goals. Here’s why: by keeping an active and healthy body, you energize your body and your mind for the tasks of the day so you can get your best results.

3. More Time. When you clear your mind in the morning by getting on paper what is on your mind, you reduce internal distractions and promote focus toward your dreams and goals. By exercising each morning, you are likely to feel better and to boost your energy. If you have been with me a while, you know that when you find more energy and more focus, you often find more time. You can learn more about that on my blog here.

Don’t set yourself up for a frazzled day by leaving breakfast to the last minute anymore. Design your ultimate morning routine in your Routine Worksheets, and make time for it by making breakfast the day before.

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