How to Beat Procrastination

In my former life, my life before Think Time, if I had something important to do, I would try to “get everything else done” so that I could have a clear mind to focus on the most important thing. 

As you can imagine, this didn’t work very well for me. If you would accuse me of procrastinating, I would think in my mind that I was “preparing.”   I had full intentions of doing those important things. I just felt like I needed to “gear up.”

However, as I look back, I can see that this was procrastinating. 

So, things that I wanted to do–often the more important and meaningful things – didn’t ever really get done.

In my study of productivity, I learned about this cool thing called the MIT, or the “Most Important Task,” by Kevin Kruse. As part of a morning routine, Kruse recommends completing the most important task of the day.  So, you actually start your day having already accomplished what was most important. 

This doesn’t even get procrastination an opportunity to raise his hand and speak its mind. 

Procrastination is fully off the table.

As you take time to Think Time, you will always know what the next most important thing to do is. Based on our process, some of these will be worked into your routine and some of these will be scheduled on your calendar.

The key is having clarity on what matters most and feeling free to focus on it first.

Do you know what your next most important thing is?  

Do you have a proven process through which you move weekly to clearly identify what matters most to you and moving into your life? If not, take a moment to check out our Think Time program at


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Christine M. Wilson, LPC
Co-Founder, Think Time



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