How I Do Less to Achieve More

Thanks so much for your engagement with my blog last week. You have been telling me that you want to live a life of true success — not of shallow achievement and shiny objects–but one full of the good stuff–the real stuff. You want to get great results, have great relationships, and maintain a resilience that will sustain you for the long-haul. You want to live a truly great life.

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I have spent decades collecting understanding of the true meaning of personal and leadership success. As a Christian counselor with professional experience in neuropsychology, I have developed a whole-brain process that can help you use more of your brain to help you get this goodness into your life at the point of performance–when you create your plans for your everyday life: this is Think Time Planner.

As promised, today I am going to share with you how I do less to achieve more.

One of the classic characteristics of people with ADHD is impulsivity. In the area of goal achievement, this means that when you see something that needs to be done, you feel you MUST do it NOW!

As a result, many of your efforts are fragmented in a million directions, and you struggle to get results.

It feels like this: “I worked so hard all day long, and I still got nothing done!!”

If you are going to achieve your peak performance, this will never work. You simply cannot spend your important energy like that. You cannot afford to be exhausted and not get results.

Here’s how I do less to achieve more.

Following is a part of my process no one else is talking about:

I separate my ideas into two phases: Dreaming and Deciding.

First, in the Dream Phase, I dream big and get all of my ideas on paper in the Dream Phase of my Think Time Planner. Here, I have a place to immediately act on the idea that came into my head–without ruining my day with an impulsive 5 hour task that “has to be done now!” When an idea pops into my head, instead of DOING it NOW, I satisfy my impulsivity by WRITING it NOW…as an idea in the Dream Phase. I don’t have to do it now “so I don’t forget it.” I write it down.

Next in the Decide Phase, I evaluate which actions will get me the most results in the direction of my vision. I DECIDE what to do…

Here’s how:

Research tells me that about only 20% of my actions will give me about 80% of my results, so the LAST thing I want to do is write everything down and attempt to do it all. This would almost ensure that I suffer exhaustion with not much to show for all of my effort. I have a lot on my plate, and that’s just not going to work in my full life. I need to spend my energy carefully–so I get my best results.

So, now you know my secret to do less and achieve more.

First, separate your ideas from your actions.

Second, decide which ideas will give you the most bang for your buck before you commit to do them.


Sure, it’s true. Many entrepreneurs wear busyness as a badge. But, chances are, these entrepreneurs are not getting their best results. Sure there are busy-seasons, but watch out or busy seasons follow other busy seasons and simply become a way of life. The truth is that being busy is the opposite of being intentional. It’s reactive instead of proactive. The better way is to pause and evaluate the best use of your energy–not to run yourself into the ground to get results.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way!

Here’s what Kelly had to say the year she launched her business:

“Think Time has been giving me tools to use my time better, without compromising my priorities of time with family. It has given me the space to visualize and dream. It has also helped me evaluate more and think about the areas the need pruning. I am cheering you on!!”

When was the last time you heard of an entrepreneur launching a business and feeling great about their time management and family priorities? Think Time is next to magic!


Okay, as promised, next time, we will talk about relationships! We have hinted toward the importance of nurturing relationships along the way today but next week, we will deep dive into that topic. I am going to share a perspective you probably have not heard in your other entrepreneurial groups. You won’t believe how important this is!

If you have found today’s content valuable please share this blog in your ADHD and entrepreneur groups.