How Can I Make This Even Better?

One of my favorite questions in our Think Time Life-Coaching process is, “How can I make this even better?”

In the Dream Phase of Think Time, after you move through several creative thinking tools, you ask yourself this question.

It is the question Walt Disney asked of his Imagineers over and over again when they presented their work to him.

When you watch a Disney cartoon, there are so many little details.

So many things make each clip engaging and funny and intelligent and creative.

This is because Walt Disney asked this simple question.

I maybe stating the obvious, but it is my conviction that your life deserves as much creative attention as a cartoon. 

You can apply this simple question to a C-Suite meeting or to your child’s birthday party.  It just makes everything better.

So as you make your plans this week in your Think Time Life Coaching Planner, ask yourself, “How can I make this even better?”   

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.