Dream in High Definition.

“Dream in High Definition.”  This is the way Chris Hogan explains it. 

I love this word picture!

Chris helps people to plan for retirement.  But.  He doesn’t do it in the traditional numbers, spreadsheets and lines format—which is why he is so compelling.  

He coaches his people to dreamto dream with a vision so clear that will change everything about the way they do everything.

What type of life do they want when they retire?


Do they want to travel?  Do they want to generously give?  Do they want to leave an inheritance for their families?

I recently listened to him share this idea with an audience of entrepreneurs. 

To illustrate this point, he described an experience of going into a store to pick out a new TV for his house with his son.  He said some of the high definition screens were so big and so clear you could see the sweat drop on the football player’s face before it left the pore. 

That’s.  Real.   Clear.

This is how clearly he wants his people to see their dreams.

The reason Chris encourages people to get clear on their dreams is because he knows that once you have clarity on your dreams, everything else changes. 

Without the dream, nothing changes.

What is your dream?

Are you moving through the dream phase in your Think Time Life Coaching Planner each week to add clarity to what you really want?  This is THE starting point for real life change and growth.

This is the only way you will get there.

Give it some think-time.

Your dreams will change everything.

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

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