Clarity Takes Hard Work.

I recently spent three hours with a friend who is gifted in organization.  She helped me to sift and sort through four ages of kids clothes, creating donation bags, and organizing the “keepers” in accessible bins.

As I look into my kids’ closet after all that work, the takeaway I had was, “Clarity takes hard work.”

After three full hours of two of us working nonstop, there is clarity in my kids’ closets and drawers.  It is clear which clothes are for each child. It is clear what I have and what I need to purchase for the next season. It is clear where my children need to return their clothes when they are clean.

This clarity feels good. 


I will admit, however, I am exhausted after sifting and sorting 1 million little pieces of fabric.  It hurts my brain!

However, I wouldn’t go back and do anything differently. That job needed to be done. And we will all benefit from the hard work applied to that task.  

This clarity is peaceful.  

This clarity is productive.

This clarity is worth the hard work.

This process reminds me of the hard mental & emotional work we put into the Think Time process.  It takes work to cast a clear vision, to decide what stays and what needs to go, and how to place activities into the correct containers (or boxes on our calendars).  

In the middle of the process, it feels a bit messy, and tough calls have to be made.  “Yeses” need to be identified.  “Nos” need to be bravely stated. 

Perseverance will ensure the job is well done.

The process takes hard work. 

But, when it is all over…

This clarity is peaceful.

This clarity is productive.

This clarity is worth it!  

As you take time to think-time this week, ask yourself if you are putting in the work to really get the clarity you need to move forward in peace and confidence.   

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