How to Find Time for a Morning Routine

Hey guys! You may have noticed a new type of post I added to my Instagram feed this week: #workfromhomehacks

These are simple, creative ways you can find time for what matters most so you can get results at home.

After 7 years of working from home with kids underfoot, I understand that you need to be strategic if you are going to squeeze in time for your dreams and goals and be the parent you want to be.


A lot of entrepreneurs with ADHD have a hard time implementing morning routines. You are probably just thankful to be able to get out of bed! I totally get it. I am #notamorningperson either.

Today I am going to share you a simple habit I have implemented that is central to my morning routine strategy. With all of the distractions in my house (5 little kids), this one tip can save me up to 40 minutes in the morning.


Here’s a simple tip you can add to your rhythms to find more time in the morning too.

Simply get into the habit of making a warm breakfast the day before. Slip it in the oven in the morning while you grab your coffee, and voila! it’s like you have a personal chef in your kitchen serving you while you get your day started on the right foot.

Some of my favorite breakfasts include zucchini bread, sweet potato carrot cakes with sausage, and veggie-infused quiche. Simply garnish with fresh berries for the Pinterest look and you are ready to go!

The compounding results of an open morning time block are many.

1. More Present. The thing I love most about this habit is how present you can be in the mornings. You can be more present to your soul and spirit and your relationship with God and others. You can be more more present to what is on your heart and mind and write these down on your Daily Planner pages to keep them from spinning through your head throughout the day. You can be more present with your family. Instead of over-focusing on the urgent task of flipping pancakes or scrambling eggs last minute, you are freed to greet your children and connect with them better during their most cuddly time of the day.

2. More Energized. While I recommend starting your mornings in calm, quiet solace allowing your mind to wander, I also recommend having a distinct point when you pivot to exercise. On your Think Time Planner, highlight this time block in orange to represent how energizing this part of the day is to your dreams and goals. Here’s why: by keeping an active and healthy body, you energize your body and your mind for the tasks of the day so you can get your best results.

3. More Time. When you clear your mind in the morning by getting on paper what is on your mind, you reduce internal distractions and promote focus toward your dreams and goals. By exercising each morning, you are likely to feel better and to boost your energy. If you have been with me a while, you know that when you find more energy and more focus, you often find more time. You can learn more about that on my blog here.

Don’t set yourself up for a frazzled day by leaving breakfast to the last minute anymore. Design your ultimate morning routine in your Routine Worksheets, and make time for it by making breakfast the day before.

adhd attention clarity creativeproductivity creativity drawing dream phase dreams and goals energy management envision focus goals intention planners productivity purpose routines time management workingfromhome

7 Tips to Avoid the Productivity-Killing “While I am At It” Habit

Have you ever set out to complete a task and instead of actually finishing the task, gotten sidetracked by things that you did “while you were at it?“

This “while I am at it” phenomenon happens all the time to entrepreneurs with ADHD. You have a lot of responsibilities and an abundance of attention. You also struggle to immediately recognize the significance of different tasks–they all seem equally important. So, everywhere you look something needs to be done, and as a person with ADHD, you want to do it right now.

Unfortunately, this habit of doing things “while I am at it” fragments your best efforts so you don’t get traction toward what you originally set out to do. Even if you do get several things done, your most important tasks still do not get done.

Everything we know from productivity suggests that doing even a very few “most important tasks” can far outweigh doing a million inconsequential tasks. (I talk more about that in my course Cut Through the Noise.)

To get your best results in a distracting world, you want to stay focused on what matters most and be sure to get those precious few things done. But how?

Here are seven things you can do to help your brain focus and achieve what matters most.

  1. Know where you are going. The first thing you want to do is begin with a vision of the ultimate result you want to see. (Key word: WANT.) The ADHD brain is more highly motivated by goals that are internally derived–not externally “forced.” So, find out what compels you and craft a clear picture of where you want to go. Beginning with the end you desire in mind will add a lot of clarity to your week and help you prioritize.
  2. Clarify your most important priorities. Before you go into a day, week, month, or a year, clarify what three things you most want to accomplish during that time frame. One of the significant aspects of the ADHD mind is that many tasks seem equally compelling. Don’t get sidetracked from an important task simply because you have not clarified that it is a priority. Take some think-time to identify which high results actions will get you quickly to the vision of what you want most.
  3. Write it down. Research shows that simply writing your goals can boost chances within the general population of completing tasks up to 42%. For people with ADHD, it is especially important to externalize your goals–making them concrete and visible. With your Think Time Planner, you can record your most important tasks on your Rosebush Tool and break them down into actionable steps with your To Do Concept Cloud.
  4. Know your why. When you get clear on your motivation for completing a task, you are more likely to recognize and overcome the obstacles that get in your way. Help your brain process and fall in love with your inner motivation for completing your priorities by drawing a picture of your “why” in the “Motivation” column of your Prioritized To Do List in your Think Time Planner.
  5. Address the obstacles. Did you know that positive thinking alone can actually decrease your chances of achieving your goals? That’s right! Recent research out of NYU on goal achievement shows that you must also address the obstacles within yourself and create a clear plan around them. So, don’t just reach for the stars. Create a plan to overcome your real life obstacles. With your Think Time Planner, you can address the obstacles with your Rosebush Tool, your Concept Clouds, and your Routine Worksheet.
  6. Time slot and highlight your tasks. Decide when you will do these things. Estimate the time these priority tasks will take. Add more time because people with ADHD often underestimate how long things will take. Then, whether it takes three minutes or three hours, schedule time on your Calendar Tool in your Think Time Planner. To help your brain process that these are critical tasks requiring action, color them red or bright orange.
  7. Celebrate your success by checking it off! In the busyness of life it is easy to work really hard and simply keep going to the next thing. However, when you just keep moving forward, your brain misses out on the opportunity to recognize that you have completed the task you set out to do that is connected to your larger goal. Engage your brain’s reward system by checking the task off your list, coloring in a box, or enjoying a bite of dark chocolate. Taking time to celebrate your achievement of important tasks can boost your focus and energy for the next step.

Opportunities to achieve your dreams and goals abound in your day to day life, yet it is easy to get pulled off track by lesser things. Don’t let distractions steal what matters most. Apply these seven ADHD productivity hacks with your Think Time Planner so you can avoid the “While I am At It” Trap and achieve what matters most—even in a distracting world.

adhd attention clarity creativeproductivity creativity drawing dream phase dreams and goals energy management envision focus goals intention planners productivity purpose routines time management workingfromhome

A Formula for More Time

Do you have time but still struggle to get the right things done? How can you find time for what matters most when life gets in the way?

Here’s what you have told me. You believe there are two primary things that keep you from living on purpose and achieving your goals.

They are:

#1 more time

#2 improved focus.

These two needs are critical for your goals and are actually very, very intwined. Let me explain.

Have you ever had a million things to do and the deadline was upon you? Do you remember that you “got it all done?” It may have seemed like a miracle, but things just “worked out.”

What happened?

Dr. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work, suggests that intensity can be traded for time.


“Intensity can be traded for time.”

-Dr. Cal Newport


That is, if you are more intense, you can accomplish more in less time. On the other hand, if you are low on energy or highly distracted and unfocused, you lose a LOT of time.

Dr. Newport’s formula could be described in mathematical terms as time = intensity


time = intensity


To get more time, up your intensity–just like you would when the pressure is on and the deadline is fast approaching.

To help you get traction with Dr. Newport’s idea, I want you to break it down another step.

What is intensity?

Intensity increases when you have increased energy and increased focus in a singular direction.

To explain this mathematically, I defining intensity as “energy x focus.”


So, time = energy x focus


The next time you feel over whelmed that you have so much to do and so little time, don’t get discouraged and wish for a day in the future in which you will have more time. Instead, get strategic. How can you boost your energy and your focus toward the goal for which you wish you had time?


Don’t get discouraged. Get strategic!

-Christine Wilson, LPC


With this formula, you can create practical strategies to find more time in your life for your dreams & goals.

Let’s start with one strategy to boosting your energy—self-care.

  • Sleep.
  • Exercise.
  • Nutrition.

When was the last time you were hoping for more time and decided you needed to go to bed earlier, build more exercise into your routine, or make wise eating decisions? Well, good job if you did. It is one of the most strategic ways to boost both your focus and your energy–which gives you more time.

If you are like many people, often, when you want to accomplish a big goal, self care is the first thing to go on the back burner. However, this works against you–causing you to lose valuable time–just when you need it the most. The energy you gain from good sleep, exercise, and nutrition propels you toward your goals and allows you to accomplish your goals faster because you have more energy available.

Think about how many goals can remain on hold when you “don’t have the energy.” Don’t let this happen to you! Use this idea of taking time to boost your energy to your advantage so you can achieve your goals.

Next, let’s talk about a strategy to boost your focus.

Often, when people feel like they have a lot to do, they get a quick idea of generally where they want to go and just dive in. They think, “There is no time to lose. I need to start right now!” Well, this impulse is exactly the wrong way to boost your results.

Here’s why: When you dive into a project without clarity, you can waste your best energy on low-results activities that leave you empty for what matters most.


When you dive into a project without clarity, you can waste your best energy on activities that don’t move the needle–leaving nothing left for what matters most.


On the other hand, when you take time at the beginning to develop a crystal clear clarity around your goal…so clear you can feel it…research shows you are less vulnerable to distractions and more likely to achieve your goal.

Being distracted SLOWS YOU DOWN. So, diving right in causes you to lose time in the long run. Stepping aside to develop a compelling clarity around your goal helps you get the best results by focusing your best efforts on high results-yielding activities.

Retirement strategist Chris Hogan calls this Dreaming in Hi-Definition. When you paint such a clear picture of what you want that you can taste and see it, your focus is boosted and distractions simply do not hold as much sway. You gain time.

This is why energy Think Time Planners and Courses help you improve your energy and boost your focus so you can find the time you need to succeed.

Think Time Planner: FIRST in Creative Productivity


You may be thinking that you don’t need to be strategic like this. You just need to try harder. Let’s talk about that. Unfortunately, trying harder will not help you achieve your goals. Here’s why.

There is a problem.

Research shows that 90% of the thoughts you have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday. This means that if you like the results you are getting, then, yes, do more of the same.

However, if you need to overcome an obstacle, change a pattern, or solve a problem, you need to think differently. How do you think different thoughts? You need a guide to help you think about your thinking. When you do this, Psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud says, “When you think about your thinking… Voila! New neural pathways begin to form!”

And, when new neural pathways begin to form, new ways of being and doing are born. New paths can be explored and experienced. Your changed behaviors and new solutions are on their way!

This is the big “why” behind taking time to think-time. Improved thinking leads to improved results.


In my next e-mail, I will be sharing another important strategy to include in your goal achievement toolbox. I will share a tip that can help you avoid losing up to 23 minutes every time this happens. It is so critical to your success and will help you maintain the boosted energy and focus you need to succeed. So, keep your eye on your inbox for this!

Cheering you on!


adhd attention clarity creativeproductivity creativity drawing dream phase dreams and goals energy management envision focus goals intention planners productivity purpose routines time management workingfromhome

Three Ways to Boost Your Energy

How often do you take time to consider how you can boost your energy?⠀

You may not often think of what a game-changer good energy is, but it is soooo important.  I love the way performance psychologist Jim Loehr says it: “Energy is life!”  If you have poor energy, you miss out on life.

Truly, the amount of energy you bring to a task or a relationship makes all of the difference. Yet in the busyness of your day to day life, you could be depleting this most valuable asset instead of restoring it.

The Think Time Planner helps you process your life so you can live on purpose in a distracting world–and part of living on purpose is boosting your energy so you can show up well.  By combining creative thinking and mindfulness with productivity, you can see your life in a more complete sphere so you can not only be confident are you getting more done in less time, but you can also be confident you are getting the RIGHT THINGS done.

Today, I want to show you how you can boost your energy levels with your Think Time Planner.

Think Time Creative Productivity Planner helps you find time for what matters most.

1 Get More Sleep.  Use the Review section to become mindful of what is working and what is not working as you seek to get more sleep. Then, use these insights to create your Dream Routine and time block this directly onto your weekly calendar. To add a visual boost, time block your sleep by coloring in those hours with a charcoal gray oil pastel or dry-brush paint black to claim them for sleep.  

2 Reduce Your Stress. When you have a lot of unresolved thoughts, your brain works overtime to find a place to put them.  It can be exhausting to have so much on your mind. That’s why I created the Daily Planner ThinkPad. Every morning when you wake up, use your Daily Planner to get on paper everything that is on your mind and create a clear plan for your day so you can reduce your stress and move into your day with calm confidence. (Learn more techniques to reduce your stress in my course From Chaos to Confidence.)

3 Get on the Move.  Building exercise into your routine is a keystone habit to boost your energy.  Each quarter, use your “Health” Concept Cloud to mind map all of your ideas for getting more exercise. Raise your chances of success by moving the best ideas into your Dream Routine.  Raise your chances of success even more by inviting your friends or family to join you. (You can learn more tips for creating Routines that Support Your Long-Term Goals in my Course Cut Through the Noise.)

Your weekly plan for boosting your energy may never be 100% perfect. That’s okay.  Your Think Time Planner is the place where you identify what you would do if you had total control. Then, you flex with your real life and record your journey along the way in the Review area.

Life happens. And, that is okay.

Your goal is to control what is within your control by creating ideal rhythms and routines that help support your dreams and goals.  Over time, you will become who you want to be across many areas of your life. This week, don’t miss out on your life because of a lack of energy, focus on boosting your energy so you can infuse more life into the tasks and relationships that matter most to you. 

How do you plan to boost your energy this week?

Cheering you on!


p.s. Don’t let the distractions of life get in the way of your dreams and goals.

Buy a Think Time Planner today!

adhd attention clarity creativeproductivity creativity drawing dream phase dreams and goals energy management envision focus goals intention planners productivity purpose routines time management workingfromhome

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How do you want to be remembered?

By your kids.

By your family members.

By your team members at work.

By the customers you serve.

By your neighbors.

By the stranger passing you on the street.

By the people of the next generation.

Think through the lenses of anyone you choose:  How do you want to be remembered by the people in your life? 

Instead of looking at your to-dos head on this morning, align yourself with your values by beginning your day with this simple question.

Allow it to shape your day today and see what a difference it makes in the small choices throughout the day.

How do you want to be remembered by the people in your life?

Christine Wilson, LPC


What shifted?

What suddenly looks important that didn’t seem so important five minutes ago?

What suddenly seems unimportant that seemed important five minutes ago?

By this simple exercise, you can shift your entire day.

Don’t let your days be highjacked by things that seem important but really aren’t. Make the most of your life and your time by aligning your activities with what matters most. Simply taking 2 minutes to ask yourself the right question can shift your decision making and change your life.

Remember, don’t start with the plan. Start with the dream. Then, you will live a life aligned with your deepest values.

Join the movement of people like you saying “no” to mindless busyness and “yes” to purposeful productivity, buy your Think Time Planner today.

Christine Wilson

Licensed Professional Counselor, Co-founder of Think Time

p.s. Don’t let the distractions of life get in the way of your dreams and goals.

Buy a Think Time Planner today!

adhd attention clarity creativeproductivity creativity drawing dream phase dreams and goals energy management envision focus goals intention planners productivity purpose routines time management workingfromhome

Better to Start Small Than Not At All

It is better to start small than to not start at all.

These are super important days. Have you considered that you may have an important role to play in them?

Often, when you think of making a difference in the world, you may feel like you need to do something really big.

Then, you see the obstacles.

And because you can’t do something big…





As a mother of five with a global sized vision and a million ideas, I feel this tension a lot. However, even though I have a lot going on, I still make time to try to make a difference. 

And you can too.

Here are three things you can do to turn this tension you feel into a purposeful action that can change the world.

Know your values

To get clarity, start with your values.  Know what things matter most to you and orient everything else around these things.

Set some uninterrupted think-time aside with your Mission Statement and Core Values Worksheets or Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes Course to get clear on the things that matter to you. Who are you? Why are you here? What difference are you here to make in the world.

Always start with your ultimate destination first.

This gives you MORE TIME for what you VALUE MOST.

“One person really can make a difference–in fact, it is the only thing that ever has”

Feel the tension

When you look at your values, you may immediately hear yourself saying, “I am only one person.” Or, “I don’t have time.” Or, “I can’t…” Or, “Maybe later, when ___ is different.”

If this is the case, acknowledge that you do have limited time and resources; but also affirm that you still want to make a difference of some sort. (And, you don’t know how many days you will be given.) 

Now, this is where it gets fun.

You are holding two seemingly opposing desires in your mind at once.  This is a keystone skill in creative thinking that helps you get clear on what you really want. (Sharpen your creative thinking skills here.)

When you get super clear on what you want–even if it involves solving a problem…research shows your subconscious mind gets to work to find a solution for you–even when you are not consciously trying!

After you have clarified what you want–even if you don’t have an answer of how you will do it–keep a voice app or a small notebook with you to record the ideas that come into your mind.

Take action

Now, do something. Pick something from the selection of ideas that you have.

It’s okay if you need to start small.

It’s better to start small than to not start at all.

Even starting with 5 minutes can make a difference in the world.

You are

Who you are

Where you are


When you are

For an irreplaceable purpose.

If you don’t do this, who will?

Don’t let the limiting thoughts of “I don’t have time or I am only one person; I can’t make a difference.” or “I don’t have time” or “I can’t…” stop you.





Give it some think-time and get clarity now!



p.s. Don’t let the distractions of life steal your dreams and goals any longer. Buy a Think Time Planner today!

adhd attention clarity creativeproductivity creativity drawing dream phase dreams and goals energy management envision focus goals intention planners productivity purpose routines time management workingfromhome

A Messy Life Is a Lot of Work.

Last week, I talked about how much work it takes to create clarity and calm, and I shared the example of cleaning up my kids’ closets.

This week I want to talk about the hard work it takes to not put the effort in to create clarity in our lives.

When I don’t have clarity in an area such as a closet, I can get by for a little while without feeling the effects of it. However, it catches up with me. And it usually catches up with me when it really matters.

It’s usually when all six of us are trying to get out the door, and we can’t find that one shoe.

Or all the categories in my kids drawers are flowing into each other so they can’t really identify and access what they need quickly. 

These few minutes didn’t seem to matter when nothing big is happening, but you know how it is… things aren’t a big deal until they’re a big deal.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s usually those five minutes that makes you awkwardly late for something so super special!!  You would never have consciously traded those priceless five minutes of watching your niece perform her dance routine or arriving early to grab the opportunity to chat with the CEO before the meeting…

You would not have thought… “I choose to be disorganized and unintentional over those things.”

But there it is.  That’s exactly what happened.  You missed it.  You can’t get it back.  The opportunity was there, and now it is gone.

I think the same holds true for how we organize our time. We can overcommit for a while, and we don’t feel the effects.  Our life becomes like a messy sock drawer.  We just don’t know exactly where things go.  Sometimes we can find a lucky match.  But sometimes we can’t.  And we don’t always know when we will slip by by the skin of our teeth and when we will fall flat on our face.  :/

Because we didn’t put the time and effort into creating clarity, we’re just really shooting from the hip—not really being intentional about the results of our actions.

This may work for a while, but eventually the effects will show.

  • Our work maybe come sloppy.
  • Our health may decline.
  • People who would open up to us and share was going on in their lives may not simply because of our lack of eye contact and perceived disinterest…since we are consumed with being overwhelmed. 
  • The nutrition, rest, and exercise that we need to thrive may not be a part of our regular routine. 
  • We may be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time or a good thing instead of the best thing.

This type of living leads to that feeling of being under an endless pile of to dos. A lot of work is being done, but because the high results activities are being done first, there’s just not a lot to show for all the effort it’s been put into the activities.

This type of living is exhausting.

It’s reactive instead of proactive.

It simply does not produce the results anyone wants.

Tired of working with laptop

We would not choose to do this hard work again because of the fruit it did not bear.

We don’t see fruit.

We are just exhausted.  And there is little or nothing to show for it.

It is a lot of work.

But, it does not lead to peace.

And, it is not productive.

It’s just hard work.

That’s it.

It’s the result of putting in the hard work—the wrong way.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but for so many people it is.

To learn more about how you can step out of this cycle of working endlessly without getting the results you want, check out our Think Time Life-Coaching Planners.  The insightful questions and space to be creative allow you to clarify what matters most to you and live your life focused on it.

The process guides you to put the hard work in to develop clarity so that you can have peace and productivity after the hard work of creating clarity.

Why keep doing hard work that only causes you to spin your wheels…exhausted and getting nowhere!?! 

There is a better way, and it can be learned. 

You do not have to live another day reacting, working hard, and getting nowhere.

Are you ready for a change?

Scan 14

p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.



Dream in High Definition.

“Dream in High Definition.”  This is the way Chris Hogan explains it. 

I love this word picture!

Chris helps people to plan for retirement.  But.  He doesn’t do it in the traditional numbers, spreadsheets and lines format—which is why he is so compelling.  

He coaches his people to dreamto dream with a vision so clear that will change everything about the way they do everything.

What type of life do they want when they retire?


Do they want to travel?  Do they want to generously give?  Do they want to leave an inheritance for their families?

I recently listened to him share this idea with an audience of entrepreneurs. 

To illustrate this point, he described an experience of going into a store to pick out a new TV for his house with his son.  He said some of the high definition screens were so big and so clear you could see the sweat drop on the football player’s face before it left the pore. 

That’s.  Real.   Clear.

This is how clearly he wants his people to see their dreams.

The reason Chris encourages people to get clear on their dreams is because he knows that once you have clarity on your dreams, everything else changes. 

Without the dream, nothing changes.

What is your dream?

Are you moving through the dream phase in your Think Time Life Coaching Planner each week to add clarity to what you really want?  This is THE starting point for real life change and growth.

This is the only way you will get there.

Give it some think-time.

Your dreams will change everything.

Scan 14

p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.



What’s The Bottom Line of Your Life?

So much thought and effort is put into determining the bottom line of corporations and organizations.


Each department has an allocated budget of resources, personnel, time, and money; and for best results, every department needs to be operating well.


Every effort and expenditure in the following year is directed by these bottom lines, and they are determined by a clear vision of where each department wants to go.


The same is true with your life.


Have you thought lately about the different areas of your life?

Have you taken time to create a clear vision of where you want to go?

Do you recognize that if one area is not operating well, all of the other areas of your life will be impacted?

What are the bottom lines for each area of your life? 

Do you have the tools that will help you create a realistic plan that will strategically get you there?

Store Front 2

Think Time Life-Coaching Planners include an exercise that prompts you to consider what you really want in eight key areas of your life: spiritual, health, money, work, personal, family, relationships, and service. 

Think Zones Downloadable PDF.jpeg

This exercise, called Think Zones, is included once per quarter and once per year to help you to really clarify what matters most to you in each of these areas.

Getting clear on what you really want is the first step toward defining your “bottom line” in each area of your life. 


The rest of the Think Time process helps you to create a strategic plan to get there.  


Your life certainly deserves as much time, attention, and intentionality as any organization.

Want to try the Think Zones exercise?  For a limited time, it is available as a one-page PDF download in our store.  Get it here.

Scan 14

p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but cannot afford it?  A little think-time can change your life.





Think Time Life Coaching Planners

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Life is moving fast.  You are losing valuable time.  We have created an innovative process that helps you to dream bigger, get more time for what matters most, and become who you want to be.






Imagine a Place…

Imagine with me for a moment.

Imagine a place of purpose and productivity.

Imagine a group of people in the habit of being creative.

Imagine a team that works toward a common goal with a common language.

Imagine a department that has a clear vision of success in the mind of every member.

Imagine a company where every person completes the most important task first.

Imagine an organization with a language that fosters clear communication.

Imagine a group of people who are in the habit of being thankful.

Imagine a team that had an understanding of which activities were the most important.

Imagine a team that actively purged time-wasters from the schedule.

Imagine a meeting in which every member was prepared, rested, healthy, and present.

Imagine a culture that values both relationships and results.

Imagine the results of an organization that often asked, “How can we make this even better?”

Now, imagine if the tools and the training for such a place were at your fingertips.

Here they are.

Scan 14



Think Time Purpose Planners

Infuse your place with innovation, purpose, productivity and life balance with our Think Time Purpose Planners with online training and ongoing support here.

DSC_0051.jpg            Free Basic Online Coaching.001


Life is moving fast.  You are losing valuable time.  We have created an innovative process that helps you to dream bigger, get more time for what matters most, and become who you want to be.