Three Ways to Boost Your Energy

How often do you take time to consider how you can boost your energy?⠀

You may not often think of what a game-changer good energy is, but it is soooo important.  I love the way performance psychologist Jim Loehr says it: “Energy is life!”  If you have poor energy, you miss out on life.

Truly, the amount of energy you bring to a task or a relationship makes all of the difference. Yet in the busyness of your day to day life, you could be depleting this most valuable asset instead of restoring it.

The Think Time Planner helps you process your life so you can live on purpose in a distracting world–and part of living on purpose is boosting your energy so you can show up well.  By combining creative thinking and mindfulness with productivity, you can see your life in a more complete sphere so you can not only be confident are you getting more done in less time, but you can also be confident you are getting the RIGHT THINGS done.

Today, I want to show you how you can boost your energy levels with your Think Time Planner.

Think Time Creative Productivity Planner helps you find time for what matters most.

1 Get More Sleep.  Use the Review section to become mindful of what is working and what is not working as you seek to get more sleep. Then, use these insights to create your Dream Routine and time block this directly onto your weekly calendar. To add a visual boost, time block your sleep by coloring in those hours with a charcoal gray oil pastel or dry-brush paint black to claim them for sleep.  

2 Reduce Your Stress. When you have a lot of unresolved thoughts, your brain works overtime to find a place to put them.  It can be exhausting to have so much on your mind. That’s why I created the Daily Planner ThinkPad. Every morning when you wake up, use your Daily Planner to get on paper everything that is on your mind and create a clear plan for your day so you can reduce your stress and move into your day with calm confidence. (Learn more techniques to reduce your stress in my course From Chaos to Confidence.)

3 Get on the Move.  Building exercise into your routine is a keystone habit to boost your energy.  Each quarter, use your “Health” Concept Cloud to mind map all of your ideas for getting more exercise. Raise your chances of success by moving the best ideas into your Dream Routine.  Raise your chances of success even more by inviting your friends or family to join you. (You can learn more tips for creating Routines that Support Your Long-Term Goals in my Course Cut Through the Noise.)

Your weekly plan for boosting your energy may never be 100% perfect. That’s okay.  Your Think Time Planner is the place where you identify what you would do if you had total control. Then, you flex with your real life and record your journey along the way in the Review area.

Life happens. And, that is okay.

Your goal is to control what is within your control by creating ideal rhythms and routines that help support your dreams and goals.  Over time, you will become who you want to be across many areas of your life. This week, don’t miss out on your life because of a lack of energy, focus on boosting your energy so you can infuse more life into the tasks and relationships that matter most to you. 

How do you plan to boost your energy this week?

How to Find Time

Time is the great equalizer.  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week.  While of course many factors influence success, one thing you can always control is how you spend your time. If you can find more time, you can influence the money you make, the relationships you have, and even your ability to fully live your purpose.


How can you find more time? Here are three practical steps you can take today:

  1.  Know where you are going and why. In my opinion, the number one mistake people make in not finding time is not clearly defining what they want. Clarity helps you to recognize opportunities and creatively find solutions around your obstacles. By defining your “yes” you also define what is “not yes”–those little distractions that steal your best energy so you are left without energy for what matters most.
  2. Say “yes” to a very few things.  No one likes to say “no.”  However, if you casually say “yes” to too many things than you may unintentionally be saying “no” to the best things. Don’t fall into the trap of wondering where your time went while your most important dreams and goals remain on hold.
  3. Give every minute a name. Just like you would create a budget for our time, be sure you have a plan for how you want to spend your time. You could call it your “time budget.”  Use the Routine Worksheet in your Think Time Planner to create your Dream Routine that will help you achieve your ideas and goals.
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What are some ways you have found to find time?

This month, we are talking about how you can find time, energy, and focus for what matters most.Next time, we will talk about how to protect your energy.  Don’t miss it!

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Christine M. Wilson, LPC Co-Founder, Think Time  


How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How do you want to be remembered?

By your kids.

By your family members.

By your team members at work.

By the customers you serve.

By your neighbors.

By the stranger passing you on the street.

By the people of the next generation.

Think through the lenses of anyone you choose:  How do you want to be remembered by the people in your life? 

Instead of looking at your to-dos head on this morning, align yourself with your values by beginning your day with this simple question.

Allow it to shape your day today and see what a difference it makes in the small choices throughout the day.

How do you want to be remembered by the people in your life?

Christine Wilson, LPC


What shifted?

What suddenly looks important that didn’t seem so important five minutes ago?

What suddenly seems unimportant that seemed important five minutes ago?

By this simple exercise, you can shift your entire day.

Don’t let your days be highjacked by things that seem important but really aren’t. Make the most of your life and your time by aligning your activities with what matters most. Simply taking 2 minutes to ask yourself the right question can shift your decision making and change your life.

Remember, don’t start with the plan. Start with the dream. Then, you will live a life aligned with your deepest values.

Join the movement of people like you saying “no” to mindless busyness and “yes” to purposeful productivity, buy your Think Time Planner today.

Christine Wilson

Licensed Professional Counselor, Co-founder of Think Time

p.s. You really are what you think. Join the movement at

How do you want to be remembered by the people in your life?

Christine Wilson, LPC

For people who want more time to focus on what matters most.

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Better to Start Small Than Not At All

It is better to start small than to not start at all.

These are super important days. Have you considered that you may have an important role to play in them?

Often, when you think of making a difference in the world, you may feel like you need to do something really big.

Then, you see the obstacles.

And because you can’t do something big…





As a mother of five with a global sized vision and a million ideas, I feel this tension a lot. However, even though I have a lot going on, I still make time to try to make a difference. 

And you can too.

Here are three things you can do to turn this tension you feel into a purposeful action that can change the world.

Know your values

To get clarity, start with your values.  Know what things matter most to you and orient everything else around these things.

Set some uninterrupted think-time aside with your Mission Statement and Core Values Worksheets or Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes Course to get clear on the things that matter to you. Who are you? Why are you here? What difference are you here to make in the world.

Always start with your ultimate destination first.

This gives you MORE TIME for what you VALUE MOST.

“One person really can make a difference–in fact, it is the only thing that ever has”

Feel the tension

When you look at your values, you may immediately hear yourself saying, “I am only one person.” Or, “I don’t have time.” Or, “I can’t…” Or, “Maybe later, when ___ is different.”

If this is the case, acknowledge that you do have limited time and resources; but also affirm that you still want to make a difference of some sort. (And, you don’t know how many days you will be given.) 

Now, this is where it gets fun.

You are holding two seemingly opposing desires in your mind at once.  This is a keystone skill in creative thinking that helps you get clear on what you really want. (Sharpen your creative thinking skills here.)

When you get super clear on what you want–even if it involves solving a problem…research shows your subconscious mind gets to work to find a solution for you–even when you are not consciously trying!

After you have clarified what you want–even if you don’t have an answer of how you will do it–keep a voice app or a small notebook with you to record the ideas that come into your mind.

Take action

Now, do something. Pick something from the selection of ideas that you have.

It’s okay if you need to start small.

It’s better to start small than to not start at all.

Even starting with 5 minutes can make a difference in the world.

You are

Who you are

Where you are


When you are

For an irreplaceable purpose.

If you don’t do this, who will?

Don’t let the limiting thoughts of “I don’t have time or I am only one person; I can’t make a difference.” or “I don’t have time” or “I can’t…” stop you.





Give it some think-time and get clarity now!



p.s. One person really can make a difference–in fact, it is the only thing that ever has. Get the Mission Statement & Core Values Worksheets now while they are $5 off.

“Shower Thoughts”

Have you ever noticed when you have your a-ha moments?

They are usually in the shower.

Do you know why this is?

All other distractions are finally turned off. You can’t hear anything. You’re not having a conversation. You haven’t thought intentionally about what you were going to do with your shower time. You are just taking a shower.

It is during these times that we have our most insightful moments. This is because our brain is involved in something called “drift thinking.“

According to Edward Hallowell in his book Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive our brain is particularly active when we are not thinking about anything in particular.

  • Our social cognition is boosted.
  • Our executive functioning is strengthened.
  • Our brain’s Default Neural Network is very active.

So, we are more likely to connect important dots when we are in the shower!

As you go throughout your week, ask yourself if you’re building into your schedule time when you’re not focused on anything in particular.

This practice is really great for your brain.

It is really great for your life.

Does your planner encourage you to allow your mind to drift as part of your productivity strategy?  If not, check out the Think Time Life-Coaching Planner that encourages this practice as foundational to becoming who you want to be and getting the right things done.


Two Ways to Help Yourself Relax

Relaxation is imperative for the rejuvenation of our bodies and our minds.

Sometimes it is hard to relax. 

At times these may be due to physical problems, emotional problems, or spiritual problems. If this is the case, please waste no time in talking to your doctor, counselor, or pastor.

At other times, however, it may be due to simply over-committing ourselves.

By pausing to #taketimetothinktime, this last cause can thankfully be easily avoided in two ways.

First, take time before you dive into each week to evaluate what is on your to do list. 

Even if you have the desire to relax, you may not do it because you feel is “in the right thing to do” to fulfill your commitments and obligations (which of course is true). This is why you want to be very careful what you say “yes” to.  

Second, take time to evaluate how you can include relaxation into your daily and weekly routines.  You will be amazed at how much more effective, connected, and productive you will be when you intentionally plan time to relax and allow yourself to do so.

How do you best relax?

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.




How to Produce Your Best Work–At a Moment’s Notice!

As I was driving my husband’s truck along White Rock Lake one evening, I was listening to a podcast by a guy I had never heard of. 

His name was Todd Henry, and he works with creatives to help them thrive and produce their best results. 

Todd recognized that people who work in creative fields have to keep themselves fresh to be ready to produce innovative results on demand.  If they burn out, they cannot produce on demand, and their job is in jeopardy or their work is no longer their best.

Through his research, he developed a system to help people stay “FRESH.”  As he was sharing his insights on a podcast, I had to pull the truck over as my chin dropped through the floor. 

I had just released Think Time months earlier and could not believe how Todd’s cutting edge research aligned with our process.  Among other things, our process encourages self-care, regular time to think, relational connectedness, and…well you need to get his book to discover the rest of the life-changing tips.

But for now, whether you consider yourself “creative” or not, you need to produce results on demand each day.

Move into this week with confidence as you use your Think Time Life-Coaching Planner that you will be fresh and ready to give your best results.

To go deeper on this topic, get Todd’s book “The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant At A Moment’s Notice” here.

What do you do?

Do you have a demanding job where you are required to produce innovative and unique ideas on the spot? 

Tell us about it!

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.




Let’s Keep This Idea. But Let’s Do It Later.

Often, when we have an idea, we think we need to act on it right away. This is not always the case.

This simple belief can get us in so much trouble and stress out our lives and mess up our schedules.

Many many things can be delayed and can be just as amazing–if not better–for it. 

If you feel a little overwhelmed or busy, look at what is on your calendar. What can you delay? 

Take some think-time today to ask this question and see what you notice.

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.



It’s a New Year!

Happy 2019!

It’s a new year!

The slate is blank.

Last year is officially over.

This year has officially begun.

Do you feel the freedom to dream big?

Do you feel the freedom to do things differently?

Do you know how to get better results and have more time?

Do you know how to become who you want to be while still getting stuff done?

Do you have the Life-Coaching Planner that captures your dreams and moves you toward your goals?

If not, get on that!

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p.s. Do you feel stuck under an endless pile of to dos?  Do you feel like you were made for more?  Guess what, you are!  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.



Simply Have A Great Day!

I used to feel like I was a victim of my days.  It was a “good day” or a “bad day” and I didn’t really have much to do with what type it was.

I was along for the ride.

I also used to feel like whether I was successful in the course of a day had something to do with measuring up to an external standard.

What I am sharing in today’s Coaching Minute foundationally transformed how I view my days.

I don’t know of too many ideas have been more transformative for my life than this one.

I was first introduced to this concept by Marcia Ramsland in her book Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay That Way.

In this book, Marcia suggests that I could make a plan for my day and design it in a way that worked for me…in a way that I enjoyed.

At the time, this idea was revolutionary to me.  Up to this point in my life, I had not thought much about what I enjoyed in a day.  I had dutifully sought to do what I thought was supposed to be done.  I had not considered that I was designed purposefully and perfectly to have certain types of days that would bring my heart joy in ways different than others–that certain types of days that would make my heart sing and feel successful to me.  

I had pretty much just compared myself to people I knew, to external pressures that were placed on me and listened unquestioningly to the internal critic in my head.  All of these were not helpful to me and generally left me feeling pretty bad.

I thought that to be productive, purposeful, or effective I needed to somehow become a Type A, organized person who loved to check things off my list and to do stuff all of the time.

Well, that is certainly not me; so in my internal world, I was always failing to live up to my own expectations.  

What a sad thing!  

I am beautifully designed for a unique purpose, but at that time, I was comparing myself to the standard’s of someone else’s unique purpose.  

What an utter waste!!

In her book Simplify Your Life, Marcia taught me to respect my unique design by clarifying the type of life I enjoyed.

Did I enjoy waking up and checking things off quickly or did I enjoy a slow morning?

What pace did I like my days to hold?  Slow, medium, or fast?

What types of activities do I want to include in an ideal day?

As you go into your day today, ask yourself if you are arranging your life in a way that suits how are you are designed. 

What do you enjoy? Are you scheduling your life in a way that helps you thrive? Or do you have an image in your head of something you “should” be or do to be successful today?  Let go of the external image of who you think you should be, and embrace who you really are.

Your design is perfectly aligned with your purpose.

Embrace this truth, be yourself, and simply have a great day!  You will be so happy you did!

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p.s. Have you ever wanted to have a life-coach, but didn’t know where to start?  A little think-time can change your life.

DSC_0051.jpgThink Time Life-Coaching Planners guide you through the process of clarifying who you want to be and creating an actionable plan to get you there.