A Boy with a Question. A Man with a Vision.

When Eric was a little boy, he rode through downtown Indianapolis with his father.  As he looked out the window, he noticed the homeless people on the street.  Specifically, he noticed the children.  Out of his mouth came the most profound words.  He asked his Dad, “Who is taking care of the children?”


Today, Eric Gilmore is leading thousands of people across the state of Arkansas with a clear mission and vision to serve some of the neediest children in our society: those children with no one to care for them–children without families.  His vision?  “No more waiting.”  Instead of living in a world in which children wait to be adopted by families, he envisions a world in which families wait to provide loving homes for these children.


Five years ago, Eric–along with others sharing the same vision–started a new initiative called Walk for the Waiting to provide funding for organizations that are on the front lines serving these children.  Currently, there are 5,000 children in the state foster care system.  1,200 of these children are waiting for foster families.  A full 500 of these children are waiting to be adopted!  Each year 220 children age out of the system–never having a Forever Family.

Eric says simply, “This is not okay.”














Each person who participates in the upcoming walk in May will wear a number as they walk or run.   Instead of wearing numbers to differentiate themselves, all walkers wear the same number to represent unity toward the same goal.  In this walk everyone wears the the number “0.”  The zero stands for the end goal of the walk–zero kids waiting for families.


Eric and his wife Kara (full disclosure: my sister) live intentionally in one of the neediest neighborhoods in Little Rock, to communicate value and incarnational love to those around them.  He has also founded Immerse Arkansas, an organization that “immerses” youth who have aged out of the foster care system in a rich community of support as they emerge into adulthood.


From the time Eric was a little boy, this dream has been on his heart.   Since I have known him, he has worked diligently to gain educational degrees and supportive experience to craft a life that supports the end goal he clearly sees.

What I love about his story is that the next generation is picking up his vision and running with it.

Watch Ross and Addison’s excitement as they raise money for children without families on our Facebook Page here.

Each person’s life is meant to impact others and to leave a wake behind them of change.

I share his story on this blog to prompt you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I notice about the world when I was young?
  • Who did I want to be?
  • What did I want to do?
  • Am I who I wanted to be?
  • Am I doing what I wanted to do?

Let’s start together today to live our lives intentionally.  Let’s not allow ourselves to be pulled away from our unique purpose by the many distractions of life.  Let’s live our irreplaceable story.

Christine M. Wilson, LPC

Co-founder and Creative Director, Think Time Life Leadership System.


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Blog highlights:

“What did I notice about the world when I was young?”  @thinktimetweets

“Who did I want to be when I was young?” @thinktimetweets

“What did I want to do when I was young?”  @thinktimetweets

“Am I who I want to be?” @thinktimetweets

“Am I doing what I want to do?” @thinktimetweets

“Let’s start together today to live our lives intentionally.” @thinktimetweets

“Let’s not allow ourselves to be pulled away from our unique purpose by the many distractions of life.” @thinktimetweets

“Let’s live our irreplaceable stories.” @thinktimetweets



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