4 Reasons Why You Need to Delegate from Your Team’s Perspective By: Bryan Miles, CEO and Co-founder of BELAY

It’s easy to get caught up in your new ability to delegate, that you forget about the other side of equation — how your team feels when it comes to your delegation. Have you ever wondered what they might be thinking as you entrust your tasks and responsibilities to them? Their perception is a key part of the delegation equation.

You’re ability to delegate to others is only one side of it. When you delegate to a team member, you must remember to keep your team’s perspective in mind, too.

Delegation From Your Team’s Perspective

In the journey of working to create ideal working relationships, we stopped and asked ourselves a very hard question … what is it like to be on the “other” side of my delegation?

Below are the top 4 things I have discovered that employees wish their leaders knew:

1)  Employees really hunger to know the WHY behind the WHAT of the tasks they are being asked to do.  Helping your employees to know and understand the WHY will most-always produce successful outcomes.

2)  People don’t mind being led as long as they feel appreciated along the way.  Be conscience to show your gratitude for their time and efforts and celebrate their accomplishments.

3)  Know what makes your team tick.  Is it words of affirmation, a flexible schedule, public recognition, or time off?  Take the time to know and understand your team and their needs and you will create a strong working relationship and a loyal employee.

4)  Be someone your team and or employees WANT to like and they will follow you and support you in all you do.

Remember, don’t forget that you are successful on the hard work of others. If you have their back, and they believe it, they’ll have your back!

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