How to Beat Procrastination

Have you ever known that you wanted to get something done, but noticed you are not actually taking the steps to accomplish it?

Chances are, it’s not the last minute. 🙂 



Your creative brain engages when you are at the deadline—the REAL deadline.

And it will not be tricked.

But, could it be?

The more responsibilities you have to manage, the less working up to the deadline serves well the other areas of your life. How can you work with your brain to help you accomplish goals – even before the real deadline?

It is possible to help your brain engage before the deadline. To do so, I recommend following three steps.


WARNING: The three steps are probably not what you are expecting. You probably expect something like, #1 make a list, #2 prioritize, and #3 be disciplined to follow through. 

For the creative mind, however, those types of steps often work against you–serving to demotivate you often instead of motivate you.

And goal achievement for the creative is all about MOTIVATION!

Take a moment, and allow yourself to imagine that another way–a more fun way–to achieve your goals exists.  And, this method is steeped in neuroscience research to help you boost your focus, motivation, and energy so you can achieve your goals.


Here are the three steps:  

1. DRAW IT. Draw what you want to accomplish. Even add realistic colors to make it look as close to real as possible.

2. IMAGINE IT. Next close your eyes and imagine yourself completing that goal.

3. FEEL IT. Engage your senses. What will it be like to actually accomplish this goal? Really see, feel, hear, taste, and smell in your mind what this moment is like. Are you leaning back in your chair and closing your computer? Giving someone a high five? Taking a reward bite of your favorite dark chocolate? Take a moment to feel this.

What happens when you do these three things?

Your brain thinks it is the last minute and engages your last minute energy.

Here’s how: the beauty about this exercise is that your brain does not distinguish between what you clearly imagine and what has actually happened.

You really are what you think!

So, if you see yourself at the last minute in your mind, your brain kicks into gear to make these goals happen–thinking it is the last minute.

So, the next time you feel procrastination raise its ugly head, use these three easy steps to help you kick your brain into gear so you can beat procrastination and get results.

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