3 Secrets to Building Your Resilience

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I have loved chatting with several of you this week about how you are simplifying your life and supercharging your dreams with your Think Time Planner.

Over the last few weeks we have discussed the three pillars of true success. First, we discussed the importance of getting real Results. It doesn’t matter how much energy you expend; what matters is the results that flow from your efforts. (It is possible to do less and achieve more!)

Next, we discussed the importance of valuing Relationships. You’re not just a machine. You need people, and they need you! You are a human BEing created to DO amazing things! Keeping your relationships strong is central to true success–and living your unique purpose.

This week, we will discuss the third “R” — Resilience. Anybody can sprint for a short season and accomplish a lot in one area of life but leave a mess behind in others. There is an art to being able to perform at a high level across all areas of your life over the long haul. True, sustainable success over the long haul is the goal.

Often, productivity processes include only strategies for simply getting things done. You are in the right place if you not only want to get things done, but you want to get the right things done–living on purpose and improving your performance along the way. This is what I call “Resilience.”

Here are three secrets you can use to build your resilience:

1. Refuel your energy.

Have you ever had the time open on your calendar to complete a complex task, but you got there and just didn’t have the energy? That is the worst! Prevent this problem by constantly building into your energy. On the “to be” cloud each week in your Think Time Planner, plan for ways to renew your energy. This includes rejuvenation in your relationships, your spiritual life, and your physical life. Schedule some R & R & R (rest, relaxation, and recreation) each week to help you replenish your energy.

2. Keep a whole life perspective.

If you only focus on what you “have to do” when you make your plans, you could quickly become a candidate for burnout. Don’t let that happen to you. Use the Think Zones area in your Think Time Planner to see at once 9 key areas of your life that need to work in harmony for you to achieve true success. Trust me, I have seen it. Even just one intense season of overdoing it can cause problems can literally sabatoge your truest dreams and goals for the rest of your life. Keep a whole life perspective in mind as you make your plans to succeed for the long haul.

3. Cultivate a strong mindset.

It really all does begin in the mind. As you move through your days, things will go well and they will not go well. You need to have a mindset that is ready to celebrate the successes and learn from the failures. Along the way, continuously build into your mindset as you dream big, practice creativity, developing your spirituality, strengthen your boundaries, cultivating a spirit of gratitude and regularly review what went well and what didn’t. These mental disciplines will help you continuously improve your resilience through the ups and the downs of life.

You are in the right place if you are not only wanting to get things done, but you are wanting to get the right things done.

Life is too short to be satisfied checking off a list every day and not aligning yourself with skills and practices that help you live your true purpose and develop an ever-increasing level of performance.

To continuously grow in resilience, build into your energy, keep a whole life perspective, and cultivate a strong mindset so you can be energetic and present as you achieve what matters most in a distracting world.


I love hearing from you!

This week, I have enjoyed chatting with several of you this week about what you love about your Think Time Planner and your new Subscription. You are telling me that you are saying yes to fewer things and confidently moving through your week focused on what matters most as you bring your dreams to life. You have been “scattered and overwhelmed” for far too long and are quickly finding the answers you need.

Yay! Thanks for sharing!


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LPC, Co-Founder of Think Time
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Most entrepreneurs & leaders with ADHD have amazing dreams & goals but struggle to cut through the noise so they can achieve them. At Think Time we’ve developed a neuroscience-based process to help you build the mental tapestry you need to succeed so you can live on purpose and achieve your dreams & goals. (every brain is different and results vary…of course!) 

“I put my kids on my to-do list!”

This has been so much fun!

I have loved interacting with you throughout this month on three of the most important aspects of success: results, relationships, and resilience. Keeping these three pillars in view will help you get your best results in a distracting world.

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Last week, on IGTV, I had the opportunity to speak with parent Coach Tyler Drouet of Simplify Parenting about helping your kids move from chaos to order with time management tips for kids with ADHD. Then, I was privileged to welcome my friend September James to our community to share three tips on building community while building your business. Check these interviews out if you missed them!


Now, onto this week’s topic! This week, we have turned our attention to the importance of building relationships.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have had the privilege of having a front row seat to the self-concepts, hopes & dreams, and journeys of people on a deep level.

Among one of the most profound impressions I have gained over time is the monumental importance of our family relationships in shaping who we are and who we believe ourselves to be.

Interpersonal neurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel says that the wiring of our brain is literally created as we interact with those in our lives. The interactions in our relationships make us who we are.

Dr. Henry Cloud says it this way, “The brain runs on three things: oxygen, glucose, and relationships.”

Even though they are so important, relationships can be one of the first aspects of your life to suffer when you become overwhelmed.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Use the “to be” cloud in the Dream Phase of Think Time to brainstorm ways to stay connected to God, to your purpose, and to others. 

Then, use the Routine Worksheet to build the best ideas into your routines.

At times, simply having something on your calendar helps you move what matters most into your life. As Steven Covey said, “Don’t prioritize your schedule. Schedule your priorities.” Allow relationships to get on the calendar.


You may be thinking, I will pay better attention to my relationships after I launch my business. 

What if I told you that you didn’t have to wait?

The year that Evan launched his new business, not only was he able to bring his dreams to life, but he also told me he felt more aware of the needs of his wife as he used the Think Zones exercise in his Think Time Planner.

Similarly, the year her husband founded a church in a new city–an entrepreneurial endeavor–Mary felt the freedom with her Think Time Planner “for the first time to put my kids on my to-do list. I don’t know why this never occurred to me before!”


It is simply not enough to “get things done” while your relationships remain on the back burner. You need to get the right things done–including being present with the people in your life. 

Let me remind you: you are not a machine. 

You are a human BEing designed to DO important things. Make time for those who matter to you–even in busy seasons. Your spouse did not covenant “for better or for worse” to be put on hold. And, your children need your attention to thrive.


Don’t settle for short-term success in one area of life.  

Take time to Think Time and get more time for what matters most–in your professional life and in your personal life.

Next week, we’ll discuss how you can maintain your vitality for the long haul as we discuss developing resilience.

How have your relationships shaped who you are? Would you comment below?

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How I Do Less to Achieve More

Thanks so much for your engagement with my blog last week. You have been telling me that you want to live a life of true success — not of shallow achievement and shiny objects–but one full of the good stuff–the real stuff. You want to get great results, have great relationships, and maintain a resilience that will sustain you for the long-haul. You want to live a truly great life.

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I have spent decades collecting understanding of the true meaning of personal and leadership success. As a Christian counselor with professional experience in neuropsychology, I have developed a whole-brain process that can help you use more of your brain to help you get this goodness into your life at the point of performance–when you create your plans for your everyday life: this is Think Time Planner.

As promised, today I am going to share with you how I do less to achieve more.

One of the classic characteristics of people with ADHD is impulsivity. In the area of goal achievement, this means that when you see something that needs to be done, you feel you MUST do it NOW!

As a result, many of your efforts are fragmented in a million directions, and you struggle to get results.

It feels like this: “I worked so hard all day long, and I still got nothing done!!”

If you are going to achieve your peak performance, this will never work. You simply cannot spend your important energy like that. You cannot afford to be exhausted and not get results.

Here’s how I do less to achieve more.

Following is a part of my process no one else is talking about:

I separate my ideas into two phases: Dreaming and Deciding.

First, in the Dream Phase, I dream big and get all of my ideas on paper in the Dream Phase of my Think Time Planner. Here, I have a place to immediately act on the idea that came into my head–without ruining my day with an impulsive 5 hour task that “has to be done now!” When an idea pops into my head, instead of DOING it NOW, I satisfy my impulsivity by WRITING it NOW…as an idea in the Dream Phase. I don’t have to do it now “so I don’t forget it.” I write it down.

Next in the Decide Phase, I evaluate which actions will get me the most results in the direction of my vision. I DECIDE what to do…

Here’s how:

Research tells me that about only 20% of my actions will give me about 80% of my results, so the LAST thing I want to do is write everything down and attempt to do it all. This would almost ensure that I suffer exhaustion with not much to show for all of my effort. I have a lot on my plate, and that’s just not going to work in my full life. I need to spend my energy carefully–so I get my best results.

So, now you know my secret to do less and achieve more.

First, separate your ideas from your actions.

Second, decide which ideas will give you the most bang for your buck before you commit to do them.


Sure, it’s true. Many entrepreneurs wear busyness as a badge. But, chances are, these entrepreneurs are not getting their best results. Sure there are busy-seasons, but watch out or busy seasons follow other busy seasons and simply become a way of life. The truth is that being busy is the opposite of being intentional. It’s reactive instead of proactive. The better way is to pause and evaluate the best use of your energy–not to run yourself into the ground to get results.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way!

Here’s what Kelly had to say the year she launched her business:

“Think Time has been giving me tools to use my time better, without compromising my priorities of time with family. It has given me the space to visualize and dream. It has also helped me evaluate more and think about the areas the need pruning. I am cheering you on!!”

When was the last time you heard of an entrepreneur launching a business and feeling great about their time management and family priorities? Think Time is next to magic!


Okay, as promised, next time, we will talk about relationships! We have hinted toward the importance of nurturing relationships along the way today but next week, we will deep dive into that topic. I am going to share a perspective you probably have not heard in your other entrepreneurial groups. You won’t believe how important this is!

If you have found today’s content valuable please share this blog in your ADHD and entrepreneur groups.