“Shower Thoughts”

Have you ever noticed when you have your a-ha moments?

They are usually in the shower.

Do you know why this is?

All other distractions are finally turned off. You can’t hear anything. You’re not having a conversation. You haven’t thought intentionally about what you were going to do with your shower time. You are just taking a shower.

It is during these times that we have our most insightful moments. This is because our brain is involved in something called “drift thinking.”

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According to Edward Hallowell in his book Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive our brain is particularly active when we are not thinking about anything in particular.

  • Our social cognition is boosted.
  • Our executive functioning is strengthened.
  • Our brain’s Default Neural Network is very active.

So, we are more likely to connect important dots when we are in the shower!

As you go throughout your week, ask yourself if you’re building into your schedule time when you’re not focused on anything in particular.

This practice is really great for your brain.

It is really great for your life.


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