Airplane Mode!

Two days ago, a friend offered to watch my kids for a couple of hours.  Four weeks from my due date and in the middle of a renovation, I needed some down time to rejuvenate.

When I arrived, I decided my best use of that time was to exercise first then run an easy errand in her neighborhood.  As I went on a walk, I brought my phone to keep track of the time.


Then, I noticed something.

I noticed for the first half of the walk that even though I was by myself–with no kids, no to dos, and no agenda– I kept interrupting myself!!

I wanted to let my mind wander but every time I glanced at my phone to check the time, I was distracted by a text or a notification.  Even when there wasn’t a text or a notification, I recognized that I was bracing myself to resist being distracted and to prepare to refocus.

Then, I remembered.

Airplane Mode!


Halfway through my walk, I decide those I was texting could wait half an hour to hear from me, and I clicked the “Settings” button and moved the little slider next to Airplane Mode from Off to On.



I immediately felt the expanse in my being.  My mind cleared.  My shoulders relaxed.  I immediately knew I was alone and had uninterrupted time to just “be.”

This is why I love Airplane Mode.


Let’s talk about three more ways that you can use Airplane Mode to clear some space in your time and your life.


Give your phone a bedtime.  Choose a time at night to set your phone aside and to be alone in solitude or to connect with those you love.  What would you do with the extra time?  Sleep?  Read?  Think?  Be?  Talk?

Late Night Browsing

I just heard yesterday that a guy gave his wife a Valentine that said, “I could not have picked a better person to lay beside at night checking our social feeds.”  Ugh!!!


Give your phone a wake time.  

One of my favorite professional organizers, Julie Morgenstern, wrote a book entitled, “Never Check E-mail in the Morning.”  She wrote her book before the rise of social craziness.  Today, I would need my title to be, “Never Check E-mail, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook Feed and Local Sale Posts, Messenger, and the Rest of My Notifications in the Morning.”  She suggests this because what we do first thing in the morning truly sets the tone for the entire day.


Instead of checking notifications in the morning and living responding to everyone else’s priorities, let’s live from the inside out proactively–beginning in the earliest moments of the day.  I am actually considering purchasing an “old fashioned” alarm clock this month so I am completely removed from my phone when I wake in the morning.


Give your phone some break time.

Not only is it unhealthy for our brains to constantly be “on call” 24/7, it is also extremely unproductive.  When we are working in our best state of “flow,” allowing ourselves to be interrupted and to provide a quick response to something unrelated can cause us to lose up to twenty minutes of productivity…per interruption.


When you really need to be productive–which is hopefully very often–try putting your phone on Airplane Mode and note the changes you experience in your results.

Time management guru, Kevin Kruse, has formulated a 3-2-1-0 method for responding to message requests.  3 times a day, he sets aside 21 minutes to get his inbox down to 0.  Perhaps this method or another one will work for you.  The important thing to remember is that you will be most productive when you schedule and protect your time to focus.

Unplugged is the New Connected.

Because of all of the brain science behind taking time to think time, we at Think Time like to say that “unplugged is the new connected.”  But even plugged in but on Airplane Mode can be a major transformation!

Try these Airplane Mode accommodations and let me know how it goes!


Christine M. Wilson, LPC



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Success in the (Not So) Small Stuff

They found me!  Oh no!

Recently on Facebook, I have been greeted by “Sponsored” pages that start like this.  “Four years ago, I lived in my parent’s basement.  But, today, I live in a Manhattan high rise.  I am so successful.  You can be too!  Keep watching and I will tell you how I did it.”

Blog Highlights

“I have been able to maintain balance, stay connected, and achieve results during a super full season.” Christine Wilson @thinktimetweets 

“Long term wins get us further than money could any day.” Christine Wilson @thinktimetweets 

“I am taking care of myself so I can take care of others and maintain energy for the long haul.” Christine Wilson @thinktimetweets 

“I now have confidence that important events and people will be remembered and celebrated even during seasons in which life is very full.”  Christine Wilson @thinktimetweets 

“Think Time has helped me to maintain balance during what could otherwise be an extremely stressful time.” Christine Wilson @thinktimetweets 

They proceed to walk around videoing themselves walking through luxury homes and sailing on yachts while the wind blows through their hair.  All the while, they tell me the story again and again.  “Once I was a loser.  Now I am a winner.  You can be too!  Just be sure to keep watching.”  I never watch long enough to find out if they actually share how they did it.  I don’t think they ever really say.

I think they found me because I do a lot of research for Think Time on living your dreams, fulfilling your purpose, time management, success, goal achievement, and the like.  But, you will not see a video like that from me.  (If you do, kindly send me this blog in a couple of years and tell me to get a life!)

Fellow Journeyer

No, I am a journeyer alongside you.

To me, Think Time was a happy discovery and a blessing.  If you don’t know how Think Time began, you can read it here or listen to it here (select “Think Time as a result of the creative process).  By taking time to Think Time, my ability to accomplish what is important to me has skyrocketed.  By creating clarity around my intentions, the distractions of life that usually paralyze me are not even having an impact.  I am accomplishing what is important to me like I have never been able to before.


While making money is something worth celebrating, it is not the central measuring stick of success.  Think Time has a broader definition of success.


Let me share with you what my successes have been just today.

Maintaining Balance

I am in my third trimester as we are renovating a new house for a move.  Our fourth baby is due in only 5 weeks, and time is tight.  For the past several weeks, I have chosen “health” as one of my “prize roses” on my Rosebush Tool.  It serves no one—and especially not our sweet baby—for me to be stressed, to skip exercising, to miss sleep, or to eat poorly.  By empowering me to focus on what matters most, Think Time has helped me to maintain balance during what could otherwise be an extremely stressful time.


Practically, by choosing to prioritize health, we have committed to few outside activities, allowed others to help us, and hired professionals to tackle some renovation work we would have otherwise tried to accomplish ourselves.  During this season, I am also getting full night’s sleep and taking needed rest breaks throughout the day as I work toward my goals.  By prioritizing my health, I am taking care of myself so I can take care of others and maintain energy for the long haul.  (Remember.  I am about to be taking care of a newborn SOON!  I cannot deplete myself now!)

Staying Connected

As I was taking a big bag of recycling to the bin this evening, I remembered my neighbor’s recent engagement.  I remembered that I wanted to celebrate huge moment with a gift!  This also prompted me to remember two other important events in the lives of friends and colleagues that I wanted to be sure to celebrate.


Immediately, I walked back inside and went straight to my Think Time to write these three events on my “to be” Concept Cloud. As I take time to Think Time, valuing not only results but also relationships is included in my planning process.  I now have confidence that these important events will be remembered and celebrated even during a season in which life is very full.

Achieving Results

My third Think Time takeaway from today is that I think differently as I do…everything.  Specifically, today, instead of getting lost in the packing process and feeling overwhelmed, I worked toward the visions that I had intentionally created in my mind.  What end result was I seeking?  In the areas in which I was intentional, my whole being worked toward the pictures in my mind.


This week’s Think Time Envision Box features a “wild success” sketch of boxes stacked halfway to the ceiling in a room that does not have furniture.  I have worked the past two days toward that vision.  I have been selling furniture on my Facebook groups, loading items to be donated, and packing boxes with a consistent energy and focus that cannot be broken.  I have rescheduled appointments, resisted urges to reminisce, and simplified my schedule to achieve this vision.  For some people, this may not be revolutionary.  For those of us who struggle to focus and to produce results, it’s amazing!

Success in the (not so) Small Stuff

Well, I didn’t say, “I was a loser.  Now I am a winner.  You can be too.”  But, I did say that in one day, I was able to maintain balance, stay connected, and achieve results during a super full season.


I call that success.

These are the long term wins that get us further than money could any day.  At Think Time, we focus on bringing our long-term goals into our daily lives.  When we look back on our lives, we don’t want to see that we missed what was important because we were “too busy.”  We don’t want to neglect important relationships.  We also don’t want to look back wondering what, if anything, of value we accomplished.

It is our hope at Think Time that when we get to the end of our lives, we can all say, “I lived my life to the full.  I lived on purpose.  I loved those around me.  I did important things that only I could do.”

These are my thoughts.  What are yours?





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