Let’s Talk About Organizing!

Let’s talk about organizing! 


Actually…let’s not.

Let’s face it. 

Many of us go through seasons of organization and disorganization.  Sometimes we are on top of it.  Other times we are not.  At all times, however, we are ourselves, and we have a unique and important purpose to live.

Life brings seasons of change and seasons of depth.  These may be personal seasons, or they may be seasons we choose to walk alongside others.  They may be temporary seasons such as the birth of a child, a move, or a job change.  They may be seasons which will prove to be our new normal–like a changes in health, welcoming a new family member, experiencing a marriage or a divorce, or forging a new career path. 

Sometimes, we are serving those who otherwise would not be served. Sometimes, we are on mission for a unique calling.  

We may be caring for those who cannot care for themselves -infants, toddlers, young children, elderly, those with physical or mental disabilities, the sick, the dying, the poor…  


Sometimes we seek to be present with those who are grieving.


At other times we are throwing our self – heart, soul, and body – into a transcendent goal.


When we do these things, we are living on purpose–whether or not we would self-identify as “organized.”

One of my favorite paintings is a portrait of Norman Rockwell painting a famous American scene.  In it, he is pictured amongst half-used messy paints spilling all over the floor and the room.

But, his artwork…

                                           IT was spectacular!

For the moment, all of his focus was on this painting.  Everything else was on hold–and sometimes a little messy.

At times, there is a piece of art that is meant to be lived to the full in our lives.  We may spill paint on the floor, but our focus is not there.  It is on something much more grand–on the end result which we have so clearly envisioned.


Have you recently thrown all of your time, energy, and focus into achieving something bigger than yourself?

Were you driven by an important relationship?  A transcendent task?

Please comment below and share how being driven by your purpose impacted you.

Was it worth it?


Christine M. Wilson, LPC, Co-Founder of Think Time
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