Increasing Employee Engagement

Do you own or manage a company?  How do you feel about your team members’ engagement in their work?  Are you satisfied with your team’s ability to be self-starters with a clear vision, to stay focused on activities that generate the most results, and to arrive to work ready for the day?


Employee engagement is an issue that impacts you and your company directly every day.  Research is showing that 52% of employees are disengaged from their work.  Even more daunting is the fact that 18% of employees are actively working against their companies.  Statistics like these can be felt throughout the company…and even in the tension of your own shoulders.


We have recently had the opportunity to listen to several employers discuss their team’s lack of engagement.  Sometimes, it is related to cell phone use.  Other times, it is due to a lack of clarity.  No matter the cause, these stats leave a lot of room for some practical tips and tools.

Following are three simple tips to increase the likelihood that your employees will become team members:

Cast a clear vision.  Rather than giving instructions or step-by-step things to do, begin your conversations with a clear description of what the end goal looks like.  Paint a picture.  Make it rich in color using as many senses as you can so that your team members will know clearly when they have arrived. This clarity of vision will motivate your people more than outward reinforcements.

Empower your team members.  With the end clearly in mind, you are more free to empower your people to get there in the ways that suit their unique design instead of step-by-step instructions given from above. You may find that power struggles are reduced when the end goal remains the focus instead of the means.  Try to keep your focus on the end goals and try not to squabble about the methods used—as long as they reach the end goal you have so clearly set before them.

Ask, “How can this be even better?”  You have cast the vision.  Now, ask your team members how they think it can be even better. Don’t edit the responses.  Keep them coming.  This is an excellent way to engage your people in your vision.   Remember this is a brainstorming question.  Everything does not have to actually be implemented, but every idea is best answered with something like “That’s a great idea! “Oh wow!” or “Ha, I hadn’t thought of that!”  Make sure someone is writing all of those down while you’re in the meeting.

(Don’t tell anyone, but all of the above also work great with toddlers and teenagers!)



There are certainly many ways to encourage engagement at work.  What are some ways that have worked for you in the past?  You can leave a comment by clicking “Comments”.

These are my thoughts…  What are yours?

Please share in the comments below!


Christine M. Wilson, LPC

Co-Founder, Think Time


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