Seize the Day


“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ’til tomorrow

For babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow

So quiet down cobwebs

Dust, go to sleep

I am rocking my baby

And babies don’t keep”

—Ruth Hulbert Hamilton, 1958


No one could prepare me…

…for how fast this would go.


Everyone told me.

I believed them.

But you still couldn’t prepare me.


Just yesterday, I snuggled my tiny helpless newborn in my sling.

She had the cutest dimples in the world.


Now, she knows the US presidents and collects and grows seeds…constantly.

She wants to learn cursive.

She is remarkable.

Dreamy.  Imaginative.  Creative.   Strong.

She will be six this spring.



Last week, I saw my cousin.

He and his wife will be fifty soon.

Now, this is turning over a new leaf.

Weren’t we just playing together as kids on the Florida family farm?


Does life really go that fast?


Think Time could easily have the tagline Sieze the Day.  It is today that we are alive.  It is all that we really have.  And, it is a lot.  Think Time helps us to dream, to stay focused on what really matters to us, and to absorb life while we are living.


These days are screaming by.  Each one faster than the last.

Today, when my little girl says today, “Look, Mommy!” will she have my attention?


I bet today she does.


How will you seize the day today?


These are my thoughts…  What are yours?

Please share in the comments below!


Christine M. Wilson, LPC

Co-Founder, Think Time


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