Your Secret Superpower

How Drawing Your Dreams Can Change Your Life In my last blog, I shared with you that I made a discovery that helped me move from running on empty to stress free and productive. I promised I would tell you more, so here we are! At the time I had already tried “all the things.”Continue reading “Your Secret Superpower”

Where Did the Time Go?

Are you looking back and wondering where all of your time went? As you look forward to this next year, do you feel the confidence that you can set goals and achieve them? No matter how crazy the world is or how crazy your life is, wouldn’t it be great to actually feel the confidenceContinue reading “Where Did the Time Go?”

Let’s Talk About Overcommitment & Overwhelm

When you have ADHD and you struggle to see clearly into the future…or when you are stressed and your thinking is not the best…you tend to say “yes” to too many things…When you live aligned with your big “yeses,” you increase your opportunity to experience that “just-right” feeling of peaceful productivity and prevent that dreaded feeling of overwhelm.

Is It Possible to Be Present & Be Productive?

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between being present in your own life and getting results? You don’t have to choose any longer! Recently, I watched an interview between Tim Ferriss and Brene Brown discussing a plethora of wonderful topics—shame, authenticity, mindfulness, and more. Within the conversation, I heard Tim wish forContinue reading “Is It Possible to Be Present & Be Productive?”

How to Beat Procrastination

Have you ever known that you wanted to get something done, but noticed you are not actually taking the steps to accomplish it? Chances are, it’s not the last minute. 🙂

Do you struggle with planning?

“I am not a planner.” I have said it all my life. I would even say it today. I don’t like all of the details! (Which is sort of awkward in the planner business. Ha!) But truthfully, I have hated planning so much that in past seasons of my life I even gave up myContinue reading “Do you struggle with planning?”

Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All + 5 Things You Can Do About It.

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with all that is on your plate that you were crying at night—only to wake up after a good night’s rest and feel able to move into the “hard” with perseverance and fortitude? I don’t remember where I heard this phrase the first time, but it really resonates. FatigueContinue reading “Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All + 5 Things You Can Do About It.”

Are You Smart, But Scattered?

They didn’t teach you this in school. You were smart, but scattered. As an adult, you know you are capable of more. You may be asking: Why do some people get results while I just get exhausted? How can I get more done in less time–even if I don’t have a history of being aContinue reading “Are You Smart, But Scattered?”

3 Secrets to Building Your Resilience

Good morning! I have loved chatting with several of you this week about how you are simplifying your life and supercharging your dreams with your Think Time Planner. Over the last few weeks we have discussed the three pillars of true success. First, we discussed the importance of getting real Results. It doesn’t matter howContinue reading “3 Secrets to Building Your Resilience”

“I put my kids on my to-do list!”

This has been so much fun! I have loved interacting with you throughout this month on three of the most important aspects of success: results, relationships, and resilience. Keeping these three pillars in view will help you get your best results in a distracting world. Get my Free Download: 10 Time-Maximizing Tips Last week, on IGTV,Continue reading ““I put my kids on my to-do list!””